Crystals/Oscillators support TI 1394b FireWire® devices.

Press Release Summary:

Crystals and Oscillators operate at frequency of 49.152 MHz to meet Texas Instrument's specifications for use with TSB41BA3 Chipset, which is geared toward Long Haul or Long Range applications. A 98.304 MHz, 1.8 V oscillator with critical start-up feature is available for TSB81BA3 Chipset designed for 1394b FireWire® 800. All products are offered in 5 x 7 mm SMD package specified for 0 to 70, -40 to +85, and -55 to +125°C operating temperature.

Original Press Release:

New Crystal & Oscillator Timing Support For TI 1394b Firewire® From Crystek Crystals

Fort Myers, FL, September 2003 - Crystek Crystals Corporation is now producing several new timing and frequency control products to support Texas Instruments' 1394b (FireWire®) devices. As previously announced, TI's 1394b (FireWire®) product, the TSB41BA3, is the first such device available for home networking of consumer, computing and audio/video (ANV) equipment.

A variety of Crystek crystals and oscillators at a frequency of 49.152 MHz meet the specifications Texas Instruments requires for use with the TSB41BA3 Chipset that is geared toward Long Haul or Long Range applications. The crystal is a fundamental 49.152MHz 5x7mm SMD, and the oscillator is a 49.152MHz, 1.8V, 5x7mm SMD.

All of the Crystek products are offered in a 5x7mm SMD package specified for 0°C/+70°C, -40°C/+85°C and -55°C/+125°C operating temp. range depending on application.

For the new 1394b FireWire® 800, TI offers the TSB81BA3 Chipset that is geared for Long Haul and High Speeds. Crystek recently has been tested by TI on a 98.304MHz 1.8V Oscillator required for this Chipset with Critical Start-up feature packaged in a standard 5x7mm SMD package specified for 0°C/+70°C and -40°C/+85°C operating temp. range.

The availability of IEEE 1394b devices enables much greater distances and higher performance for home networking and entertainment applications such as whole house, video and audio. The plug-and-play, quality of service and other ease-of-use features inherent to the 1394b FireWire® protocol provide consumers with a user-friendly home entertainment networking system. Crystek will continue to provide frequency controlled products to be used along with these devices from Texas Instruments.

Pricing for the 49.152MHz 5x7mm SMD crystal is $1.84 ea. in 10k-piece quantities; pricing for the 49.152MHz, 1.8V, 5x7mm SMD oscillator is $1.08 ea. in 10k-piece quantities; pricing for the 98.304MHz 1.8V, 5x7mm SMD oscillator is $2.57 ea. in 10k-piece quantities. For additional details, contact Crystek Crystals Corp.

For more information, contact John Shoemake at Crystek Crystals Corp., 12730 Commonwealth Drive, Ft. Myers, FL 33913. Tel: 800-237-3061 or 239-561-3311; Fax: 239-561-1025; E-mail:; Web:

Crystek Crystals Corporation® is a leading manufacturer of Frequency Control Products - quartz crystals, XOs (clock oscillators), TCXOs (temperature compensated
oscillators), VCXOs (voltage controlled crystal oscillators), and TCVCXOs (temperature compensated voltage controlled oscillators). Founded in 1958, Crystek's capabilities include custom manufacturing of quartz crystal and oscillators from quartz bars through packaged and tested finished products. Crystek's facilities include climate controlled manufacturing plants and state-of-the-art product validation centers. Crystek's on-site warehousing facility boasts an inventory of more than five million items, which allows the company to respond to most customer requests on a next day basis.

Reader Service Inquiries: Please forward to John Shoemake, Crystek Crystals Corp., 12730 Commonwealth Drive, Ft. Myers, FL 33913; E-mail: (e-mail preferred).

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