CRYSTAL XL, Portable, Image-Capturing Magnifier

Easy to use hand-held magnifier that can download magnified pictures onto a Computer.

The Crystal XL's intuitive design enhancements go even farther to meet the needs of Crystal XL users with enhanced features such as the latest TFT (thin-film transistor) display technology, a more scratch resistant screen and a brighter display with high visibility colors and button functions.

Crystal XL's users will benefit from improved camera focal ranges with magnification levels from 1.5x to 14x.  Capture, save, recall and upload 100 images to a PC via the micro USB connector.


The latest TFT( thin-film transistor) display technology

A more scratch resistant brighter display

High visibility colors and button functions

Magnification levels from 1.5x to 14x

Save and recall 100 images

Improved battery life

Illumination on/off control

Integrated flip-out stand

Micro USB battery charge connector

Power Save mode / auto power off

Rubberized grip for comfort and control

Setting to adapt to different lighting conditions

Upload pictures to your PC via the micro USB connector


Sherri B Thompson, Ad Manager


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