Cryofab's CFPB-15 Liquid Nitrogen Container

Kenilworth, NJ - Cryofab is ahead of the trend as cryogenics goes mainstream, designing and building cryogenic containers for uses limited only by imagination. Follow us on Facebook to find new, quirky and cutting-edge uses for very, very cold gasses.

Chefs are using liquid nitrogen (LN2) to make everything from merlot ice cream at a fancy Palm Beach food festival to frozen popcorn in a Vegas neighborhood strip mall. You can even find instructions on how to make your own LN2 ice cream treats at home. Of course, no thermos will do for transporting the star ingredient, you'll need a specially-made dewar.

Liquid nitrogen has long been used for cryosurgery to destroy unwanted growths such as warts. More recently, super-cooled LN2 is being used to remove cancerous cells, both external and internal. External tumors are swabbed or sprayed with the super-cooled gas, while internal tumors are frozen with liquid nitrogen or liquid argon pumped through a cryoprobe. According to The National Cancer Institute, part of NIH, cryosurgery is less invasive, less expensive and requires less recovery time than conventional surgery. More studies are needed to assess the long-term outcomes, but doctors are considering combining cryosurgery with other treatments in the future.

Liquid Nitrogen cryotherapy has long been used by athletes to treat pain and swelling from minor injuries. A new niche treatment immerses the whole body in extreme cold. C.J. Wilson, a pitcher for the Texas Rangers, describes the therapy as "standing in this Red Bull can that's like 6-feet tall." Then air is blown across liquid nitrogen and onto the body, intentionally causing brief hypothermia to speed muscle recovery.

Cryofab's dewars are perfect for the new wave of cryogenic applicatons. Cryofab's custom CFPB-15 is perfect for the radical chef. Need a larger Dewar? We can fabricate containers with internal diameters from 2.5" to 96" and depths up to 20 ft. All our Dewars are double-walled stainless-steel construction for increased durability with multilayer vacuum insulation for reduced heat transfer. Customize your container with foam-insulated lids, custom fill ports, sensors, lugs, drains, castors or view ports. The only limit is your imagination.

"Cryogenics is not all physics and thermal dynamics. If it were I would certainly be out of a job," states Vincent Grillo, Co-President of Cryofab, Inc. The use of liquid gasses is not exactly mainstream but it is approaching a higher level of mainstream exposure. New Jersey-based Cryofab, Inc. is recognized worldwide for designing and building cryogenic containers for both traditional and non-traditional uses. "As a design and build company, we are excited to be a part of this trend. It is fun and rewarding to put our years of scientific and engineering expertise to work for exciting new mainstream applications," Grillo continues. Cryofab recently launched a Facebook Page that combines fun facts with science: fans of the page will find articles that range from superconductivity and rocket fuel to bartender's smoking cryo-cocktails and foodie experiments.

If you're interested in the many inventive ways liquid cryogens are used, "Like" the Cryofab Facebook page and stay in touch with the latest industry applications.

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