CRU-DataPort(TM) Flexes Data Security Muscle at 2006 FOSE Show

Showcasing Several New Military-Grade Computer Data Security Solutions

WASHINGTON, March 7 / -- CRU-DataPort, a national leader in data security and data mobility solutions, announces several new computer security products in a move aimed to help clients achieve the highest level of reliable, affordable and easy to use information protection. The new products, which include the USB DataPort Secure and the DataPort HotDock Secure, are being unveiled at the 30th anniversary of FOSE in Washington, D.C.

Since 1989, DataPort(TM) removable drive enclosures have helped government agencies safeguard data, meet business continuity/disaster recovery goals, improve computing efficiency and more. "CRU's growing line of 'Secure' DataPort solutions are designed to address a range of concerns from regulatory compliance to preventing identity theft," says Jon Johnson, Executive Director of Marketing for CRU-DataPort. "Secure DataPorts use hardware-based full disk encryption to provide military-grade data protection without compatibility issues. The algorithms are government approved and operate in real-time so they're invisible to users but provide peace of mind in knowing you've minimized the risk of unauthorized data access or breaches in data security."

The USB DataPort "Secure" is a perfect "hot-swap" D2D backup solution for any computer, workstation or server (Mac and PC). Using an IDE-to-USB bridge, it allows users to quickly perform high capacity back-up routines on the fly, without having to power-down or reboot. Users can also hot mount any new drive volume to the OS while the system is on. Rugged DataPort drive carriers protect data during transport and archiving, while the addition of hardware- based encryption ensures that data is secure no matter where it's stored.

The DataPort HotDock "Secure" makes backing up, transporting and protecting data easy for both computers and laptops. This USB and FireWire desktop enclosure allows "hot-swap" access to multiple removable drives from a single small footprint device. Backup an entire workgroup, archive large media files or take massive amounts of data on the road, while knowing your data is protected by strong encryption.

The DataPort 25 makes 2.5" hard drives removable from a 3.5" opening (like the floppy bay in PCs and servers) making it ideal for limited space applications such as mobile computing and surveillance. The new DataPort 25 Mobile & Secure Drive Carriers combine the benefits of removable drives and rugged external storage devices. Operating at full transfer rates when in the bay, the removable drive carrier was designed in response to an agency's request to allow users to "Grab it & Go!," quickly taking working data out in the field. The new design allows the drives to be both accessed and to run on USB or FireWire bus power, eliminating the tether of a power cord. Secure encrypted versions are slated for release in the second half.

The IDE-to-SATA DataPort, also driven by customer feedback, helps ease the transition from IDE to Serial ATA technology. An IDE hard drive to SATA Host bridge converter enables continued use of IDE/ATA hard drives in newer SATA only computers. "Our customers mentioned concern over their stockpiles of IDE drives and the IDE-to-SATA DataPort allows them to upgrade their systems to SATA, but keep using their current drives for years, maximizing their ROI," said Mr. Johnson.

All products will be on display in booth #1822 at the FOSE government information technology trade show, March 7-9, 2006, at the Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. For more information or to arrange an appointment, please contact Jon Johnson at 360-816-1740 or

About CRU-DataPort(TM)

Founded in 1986 and based in Vancouver, Wash., CRU-DataPort(TM) develops and markets computer data security, mobility and storage devices. The company's DataPort(TM) brand of removable hard drive enclosures is the de facto standard for physical data security and drive swapping in government, education and business markets. Backed by the industry's leading warranties and connector ratings, DataPort products are available through major distributors, OEMs, VARs and systems integrators throughout the United States and abroad. For more information, please visit

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