Crown Machine Uwp, Inc. Introduces New Patent Pending Innovations in Pelletizing Machinery

CROWN Machine uwp, Inc. demonstrated ground breaking underwater pelletizing innovations during K-2007, in Dusseldorf, Germany, October 24 - 31st. CROWN has developed and continues to develop underwater pelletizing innovations that eliminate many of the historical problems associated with underwater pelletizing. Crown Machine showcased many new Patent Pending designs that lead to perfect pellets while eliminating die-hole freeze off.

These Patent Pending designs impact every step of the underwater pelletizing process. From the time hot melt extrudate leaves the extruder to when the final perfect dry pellets reach the collection bin. CROWN Machine improved the timing issues of exactly when hot melt extrudate reaches the die face with the CROWN hydraulic polymer diverter valve, which is connected to an automated touch-screen PLC. An operator can push one-button to instantly start the underwater pelletizing process by diverting the melt into the underwater pelletizer die. This provides optimum conditions are maintained during the entire process. No more guess work or manual effort when divertering the polymer flow into the pelletizer.

The CROWN Machine uwp, Inc's polymer diverter valve incorporate a low pressure drop internal design, and utilizes a multi-step, high shear seal that prevents polymer leakage and jams of the piston due to contaminants. Accumulator based hydraulics and automation provide "instantaneous" opening and closing of the valve under one-tenth (.10) of a second.

After the polymer is diverted using the CROWN Machine hydraulic polymer diverter valve, the hot melt travels through the CROWN Anti-FreezeTM die. CROWN Anti-FreezeTM Dies utilize advanced material technology to create a titanium carbide-ceramic multi-layered (sandwich) or a pure ceramic die. The CROWN Anti-FreezeTM dies allow for hotter polymers to flow through the die and colder water to impact the die cutting surface, achieving greater tolerances in operational temperature ranges without die-hole freeze off. CROWN Anti-FreezeTM dies allows melt up to 650°F to flow through the die holes and cold water down to 34°F to contact the cutting surface without die-hole freeze off.

When the melt leaves the die holes and enters the cutting chamber, it will not experience turbulence. After the polymer is cut into pellets by CROWN 4-edge blades, the cut pellets will be transported quickly out of the CROWN EZ-FlowTM Anti-turbulent water chamber with minimal additional contact of cutter blades, hub or chamber wall. Pellets ride the laminar current of pressurized water that flows in the same direction as cutter blade rotation.

When cut pellets leave the water chamber and enter the CROWN pre-dewatering unit. They are separated from the water prior to entering the CROWN EZ-KLEENTM "Zero" impact dryer.

Pellets experience no impact during this process. The CROWN EZ-KLEENTM "Zero" impact pellet dryer does not utilize a rotor or blades to drive the pellets, instead air within the drying chamber and a rotary cone are the mechanical flow accelerators. This unique design channels product and air flow to remove all water from the pellets in the drying chamber.

CROWN Machine uwp, Inc., through its many Patent Pending underwater pelletizing innovations, has developed a system that produces perfect pellets. No fines, angel hair or agglomerates appear, because CROWN has developed technology to eliminate random pellet impact during each stage of the process.

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