Crowd Control Barrier adjusts from 4-10 ft long.

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Suitable for police departments, fire departments, and security personnel, Retracta-Cade Barrier can adjust to lengths of 4–10 ft, and when retracted, can fit in patrol vehicle trunk. Unit features 4 ft horizontal bar with adjustable 3 ft extension panels on each side, and legs that deploy and lock into place, creating 41 in. high barrier. Made of rust-proof anodized aluminum and impact-resistant plastic, each barricade weighs just 37 lb and can be carried by one person.

Original Press Release:

New Adjustable-Size Retracta-Cade Barrier Ideal For Immediate Deployment

The new Retracta-Cade barrier gives police departments, fire departments and security personnel a new crowd control option – an adjustable-size, easy to carry, easy to store barricade that can be set up in less than a minute. Each barrier can expand to sizes ranging from four to ten feet in length, and when retracted, a barrier can fit in a patrol vehicle trunk.

Pittsburgh, PA, – A new crowd control product, the Retracta-Cade barrier, which can adjust to lengths ranging from four to ten feet and retracts for easy transport and storage, is now available from The Tamis Corporation.

Developed by a retired New York City Police Lieutenant as an alternative to wooden sawhorses and traditional steel barriers, this barrier was specifically designed to give first responders a barricade that can fit inside their vehicle’s trunk, and be hand-carried to a site.

Made of rust-proof anodized aluminum and impact-resistant plastic, the Retracta-Cade features a four-foot horizontal bar with adjustable three-foot extension panels on each side, and legs that easily deploy and lock into place, resulting in a 41-inch high barrier.

With its capability to retract to a compact size, and its weight of only 37 pounds (15-32% lighter than sawhorses or steel barriers), the Retracta-Cade can be comfortably carried by one person and expanded to its desired length in less than 30 seconds.

A line of Retracta-Cade barriers can be formed by connecting barriers together via their carabiners at each end.

At their folded size of 4’ (length), 8” (width) and 1’ (height), Retracta-Cades can be stored efficiently in police and fire stations. Sixteen of these stackable units can be stored in a 4’ x 4’ x 4’ area.

Police departments use Retracta-Cade barriers to establish perimeters, set up check points, and provide crowd control at demonstrations, parades and other public events. Fire departments have deployed the barriers to close off streets and surround accident sites. Retracta-Cades have also been used for crowd control at construction zones, airports, stadiums, and parking areas.

Printed sign panels for Retracta-Cade barriers are also available.These colorful, highly-visible signs can communicate vital messages such as “Crime Scene,” Police Line – Do Not Cross,” “Security Checkpoint,” “No Parking” and more.

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