Crosspoint Switch is software controllable.

Press Release Summary:

2 x 1 Electronic SCSI Crosspoint Switch allows 3 independent SCSI buses to be selected and electronically connected through automated switching. It provides 1-button control, Ethernet LAN serial port connections, and automatic internal termination. Included software allows users to remotely operate and control SCSI port configurations, termination, report SCSI bus activity, and gather performance statistics. Switch supports Ultra160.

Original Press Release:

APCON Releases First-Ever High-Performance 2X1 Electronic SCSI Crosspoint Switch

Ultral60 device cuts costs by easily sharing peripherals and supporting low-cost failover

PORTLAND, Ore. - January 7, 2002 - APCON, Inc., a leading provider of network solutions and intelligent physical layer switching technologies, today announced the availability of the low-cost APCON 2x 1 Electronic SCSI Crosspoint Switch. The 2x 1
switch is an easy-to-use, software-controllable peripheral switching and high-availability failover device that provides a cost-effective way to connect multiple peripherals to host devices. With the switch, three independent SCSI buses can be selected and electronically connected through automated switching. The 2x 1 switch also provides superior switching flexibility and reliability for high-availability failover.

"Our 2xl switch is something unique in the marketplace: an affordable, simple-to-use device for users who want to control of their SCSI peripherals and also gain simple failover switching to RAIDs, tape drives, or JBODs," said Richard Rauch, APCON president and CEO. "APCON pioneered SCSI crosspoint switching technologies and we remain strongly committed to providing a full range of solutions to meet the needs of our
clients worldwide."

The APCON 2xl SCSI Crosspoint Switch provides many practical ways for companies to leverage existing hardware investments. For example, two workstations can be connected to an expensive drum scanner with the APCON 2x I SCSI switch. Instead of buying two expensive devices or manually plugging and unplugging cables between the two users, the hardware automates switching between the devices.

The APCON 2xl Electronic SCSI Crosspoint Switch incorporates advanced switching features. The device provides one-button control, an Ethernet LAN serial port connection, and automatic internal termination. APCON Control Software, included with
the switch, allows system administrators to remotely operate and control the SCSI port configuration, termination, report SCSI bus activity, and gather performance statistics. It supports Ultral60 (Ultra3) and is backward compatible with existing SCSI-1 and SCSI-2 devices.

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