CRM Software includes LDAP authentication.

Press Release Summary:

Soffront CRM v8.0.0.1 includes support for Netscape browser v7.1 and Sybase Adaptive Server 12.5 database in addition to Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases. Software integrates LDAP authentication and eliminates need for separate TRACKWeb login. With Gadget Manager and Dashboard, users can create private gadgets and use them in personalized dashboard. User interface enables one-click access to save, copy, and open functions.

Original Press Release:

Soffront CRM Released

Version 8.0.01 builds on the ground breaking version 8.0 and improves it further by offering the following features:

Support for Netscape 7.1 version

Support for Sybase

LDAP authentication

Superior Gadget Manager & Dashboard

Enhanced user interface

Support for Netscape 7.1
TrackWeb supports Netscape browser 7.1. Version will no longer support Netscape 4.75 browser.

Support for Sybase
TrackWeb supports Sybase Adaptive Server 12.5 database. This is in addition to the Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases that are already supported.

LDAP authentication
TRACKWeb integrates LDAP authentication and eliminates the need for a separate TRACKWeb login for the authenticated LDAP user. This is particularly useful in a heterogeneous LAN, where the domain controller is a non-windows machine and there is no other way to authenticate the domain user in TRACKWeb (TRACKWeb already supports Windows authentication for Windows based LANs).

Superior Gadget Manager & Dashboard
Version substantially improves the Gadget Manager and the Dashboard constructs introduced in version 8.0. To illustrate, you can create 'private' gadgets and use them in your 'personalized' dashboard. Gadget creation is no longer an 'admin only' privilege.

Enhanced user interface
As with every release, comes with those little tidbits that make working with TRACKWeb easier. To illustrate, you now have One-click access to

Save & Copy a record

Save & open a window to submit a new record

Copy a sub-object record and link it to the parent object

Upgrading to the new version
All customers who have a valid PAS, qualify for this new version at no cost. For information on how to upgrade, please contact your Account Manager.

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