Crimping Tool handles discrete wire components.

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Suitable for low-volume, pre-production, and repair applications, Model CAT-HT-309-2830-12 is specifically designed to crimp 1,00 mm CC09R Series reel contacts on 28 or 30 AWG wire. Parallel action hand tool is factory calibrated to optimum pre-load force required to achieve proper crimp. It is used to assemble .0394 in. pitch Discrete Wire Cable Assembly, which features crimp style dual leaf contact system for reliable cable-to-board connection.

Original Press Release:

Samtec's New 1,00 mm Parallel Action Hand Tool Ideal for Low Volume Production

Samtec’s new Hand Tool (CAT-HT-309-2830-12) is specifically designed to crimp the 1,00 mm CC09R Series reeled contacts on 28 or 30 AWG wire. This hand tool is ideal for low volume, pre-production and repair applications of discrete wire components.  A mini reel of contacts (CC09M Series) is also available with a smaller quantity of contacts than full reels making it possible to build prototypes and test samples without maintaining a large inventory of contacts.   An optional table mount clamp (CAT-HT-MNT-01) is offered as well.

The hand crimping tool is engineered for durability and is calibrated at the factory to the optimum pre-load force required to achieve a proper crimp. Samtec provides manufacturing flexibility through a range of tooling options from simple Hand Tools to Mini Applicators designed for higher volume production.

The CAT-HT-309-2830-12 hand tool and components are used to assemble Samtec’s new 1,00 mm (.0394") pitch Discrete Wire Cable Assembly (S1SS Series) which features a crimp style dual leaf contact system for a reliable cable-to-board connection. This system is available in a single row design with up to 20 total pins.

Samtec offers a full line of Discrete Wire Systems available as components or complete assemblies for design flexibility. Tiger Eye™ .050" (1,27 mm) pitch (SFSS/SFSD/TFSS/TFSD Series) and 2,00 mm (.0787") pitch (S2SD/T2SD Series) Discrete Wire Systems are shrouded, polarized and keyed for rugged, high cycle applications. The newest .100" (2,54 mm) Mini Mate® Universal Discrete Wire Cable Assembly (SMSS/SMSD Series) mates with standard and shrouded .025" (0,64 mm) square post terminal strips. Samtec’s Mini Mate® .100" (2,54 mm) pitch (MMSS/ MMSD/MMTS /MMTD Series) Discrete Wire Power system features individually shrouded contacts for reliability in harsh environments.

Additionally, the Power Mate® .165" (4,19 mm) pitch (PMSS/PMSD Series) Discrete Wire Power System features individually shrouded contacts.  The 5,00 mm (.1969") pitch PowerStrip™/25 (MPSS and MPCC Series) and .250" (6,35 mm) pitch PowerStrip™/35 (PESS Series) systems are available as power or power/signal combinations designed to meet a variety of higher current applications.

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