Crimping Machines use software to optimize operations.

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CrimpCenter machines are available with EASY ProductionServer software, which can automatically sort and allocate orders to minimize changeovers and reduce production expense. From central PC, production orders can be sent via network to one or more fully automatic crimping machines. Order sequence and allocation is optimized to minimize machine downtime. Software also recognizes current machine configuration and maintains possibility for manual interaction.

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New Software Reduces Downtime

Reduce machine downtime with automatic order distribution

Manchester, NH, January 12, 2009 - Schleuniger, Inc. announces its new software for fully automatic crimping machines. Significant increases in efficiency can be achieved with Schleuniger's new EASY ProductionServer software for CrimpCenter fully automatic crimping machines. The software can automatically sort and allocate orders to minimize change-overs and reduce production costs.

Frequent change-overs result in machine downtime that could often be avoided by simply changing the sequence of the orders to be processed. It is a time-consuming task to manually allocate production orders to fully automatic crimping machines in the most efficient way. This is especially true in production environments with more than one machine where order distribution quickly becomes complex because different machine configurations must be considered.

With EASY ProductionServer software, Schleuniger now offers an alternative to manual order allocation for a very competitive price. From a central PC, production orders can be sent via network to one or more fully automatic crimping machines. Order sequence and allocation is optimized so machine downtime is minimized as much as possible. The software also recognizes the current machine configuration so that orders are only sent to machines that can process the order. To remain flexible, manual interaction such as prioritizing individual orders or machines is still possible.

Thanks to standard Internet technology with TCP/IP protocol, implementation of a network with EASY ProductionServer and CrimpCenter fully automatic crimping machines is quick and simple. Entering and updating data through a machine's control panel takes time, but with EASY ProductionServer software, machine downtime typically associated with order entry is eliminated. All order management is done on a central PC in the office and not at the machine. Production data and machine configuration can also be viewed on the office PC in real-time. Additionally, EASY ProductionServer can log production data for increased traceability and central analysis.

The combination of optimized order management, order distribution and logging functions make EASY ProductionServer an ideal tool to increase efficiency of CrimpCenter fully automatic crimping machines on the production floor.

More information can be found at Should you have any questions, please e-mail or call (603) 668-2668.

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