Creative Safety Supply Is Now Offering Gym Floor Tape for Gymnasiums

Vinyl Floor Marking Tape is replacing paint for creating sport's lines in gymnasiums.

Creative Safety Supply is a leading supplier of safety products but they are not solely vendors for the industrial market. Gymnasiums for schools or recreational facilities are on the band wagon using floor marking tape to mark off areas on the gym floors. Creating floor lines for school sports such as basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, and wrestling has been made easier and quicker than painting floor lines. Paint will eventually start peeling and chipping away but the tough durable vinyl tape supplied through Creative Safety Supply holds up under the harshest environment. Floor marking tape does not require any downtime during installation as does paint. Paint needs time to dry and must be done when people are not around due to fumes.

Floor marking tape can also be applied to outdoor sport arenas. Many basketball courts are played outside along with tennis and others. The floor marking tape can withstand the elements of weather and harsh pedestrian traffic. Aisles and pedestrian walkways and stairways can be marked off with the floor marking tape creating visual safety zones to reduce unnecessary accidents. Schools and recreational facilities should not see increases in insurance rates due to the reduction of accidents. The easy and simple peel-&-stick installation cannot be beat. The floor tape will not curl, stretch or snag but is easy to remove when the time comes for removable. No chemicals are required for removing the tape unlike conventional paints. A school custodian commented, "I could not believe how easy and quick it was to apply the floor tape in our gymnasium. And when it is time to remove the tape, it was a breeze."

Please visit or call toll-free (866)777-1360 for more information about floor marking tape for gymnasiums or industrial applications.

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