cPCI Board supports IPSec/SSL encryption requirements.

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Powered by single or dual IBM 750FX PowerPC, XCalibur1000 6U CompactPCI board, supports Broadcom Super E-Commerce Processor model BCM5821 and PICMG 2.16 standards. Unit includes front panel serial and dual Gigabit Ethernet ports and dual PCI-X PMC module sites. Unit auto-senses its slot location and can run in system or non-system mode. Product provides dual SO-DIMM SDRAM sockets, supporting 128 MB to 2 GB DDR memory running at 266 MHz.

Original Press Release:

Extreme Engineering's XCalibur1000 is First 6U cPCI Board Supporting IPSec/SSL/Encryption Requirements

Madison, Wisconsin. April 18, 2003 - Targeting the growing IPSec/SSL requirements in VPN, Firewall and Web Server markets, Extreme Engineering Solutions releases XCalibur1000 today, an innovative 6U CompactPCI board supporting Broadcom's "Super E-Commerce Processor". Affectionately known as the "Encryption Blade," XCalibur1000 is powered by a single or dual IBM 750FX PowerPC and supports PICMG 2.16 standards.

The Broadcom Super E-Commerce Processor (BCM5821) offers encryption performance of 4000 1024-bit RSA transaction/second and 3000 IKE negotiations/sec. Bulk SSL encryption and authentication performance is 300 Mbps and IPsec performance is 470 Mbps.

Encryption abilities aside, system architects will be amazed by XCalibur1000's I/O versatility. Front panel serial and dual Gigabit Ethernet ports are complimented by dual PCI-X PMC module sites. Designed to support high speed I/O, these PMC sites can be populated with SCSI320, FibreChannel or Myrinet PMC modules. For processor intensive applications, PrPMC's can be added. Finally, XCalibur auto-senses it's slot location and can run in system or non-system mode, decreasing spares requirements for end users.[delete last sent?

Utilizing technology from the high volume PC laptop market, XCalibur1000 provides dual SO-DIMM SDRAM sockets, supporting 128MB to 2GB of DDR memory running at 266MHz. For high volume customers, Extreme encourages customer furnished memory to lower the total cost of ownership.

XCalibur1000 with a single 750FX processor, 256MB DDR SDRAM and BCM5821 is priced at $5,996 at 100 unit quantity. Prices will vary based on processor clock speed, memory requirements, and other population options. Hardware is shipping now. Software support includes WindRiver's VxWorks with plans for MontaVista Linux LSP and GreenHills Integrity BSP's available next quarter.

XCalibur1000 will be displayed in IBM's booth #_____ at the Embedded Systems Conference, April 23 - 25.

About the Broadcom Super E-Commerce Processor (BCM5821)
The Broadcom 5821 Super E-Commerce Processor is a high-performance public-key processor performing 4000 1024-bit RSA transactions/second and 3000 IKE negotiations per second. The high level of performance and integration in the BCM5821 makes it ideal for high-performance embedded applications with footprint and power limitations.

In addition to its high-performance public-key engines, the BCM5821 offers acceleration for symmetric key functions at increased performance rates. The BCM5821 supports Bulk SSL encryption and authentication (ARC4, SSL-MAC-MD5/SHA-1) in-system performance at 300 Mbps and IPsec (3DES, HMAC-SHA-1) in-system performance is 470 Mbps.

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