Covert Surveillance System monitors hazardous areas.

Press Release Summary:

Sentinel VS-14(TM) compact, self-contained, portable video surveillance system is suited for oil, gas, and petrochemical applications. It collects evidentiary quality video, day or night, and enables real-time event detection, notification, assessment, and response. Deployable system collects intelligence where manned surveillance is unsafe and impractical. Other applications include construction sites and convenience stores.

Original Press Release:

Intelepresence Introduces Sentinel VS-14 Covert Surveillance System

Covert Deployable Surveillance System Ideal for oil, gas and petrochemical applications

CAMBRIDGE, VT - Intelepresence has introduced the Sentinel VS-14(TM), a compact, self-contained portable video surveillance system ideal for a range of oil, gas and petrochemical applications that has an unusual, cost-effective and highly successful method of collecting evidentiary quality video, day or night. The system enables real-time event detection, notification, assessment and response.

The Sentinel VS-14 collects intelligence where manned surveillance is unsafe and impractical such as:

o Video surveillance of oil and gas fields, pipelines, construction sites, pumping stations, terminals, refineries, bulk plants, convenience stores and filling stations, tanker fleets and other assets
o Intelligence and evidence gathering
o Grounds and building surveillance where no power or communication infrastructure exist

"Intelepresence is an innovator and leader in the design of products and systems for covert law enforcement, counter-terrorism and military operations as well as a core group of commercial products such as the Sentinel VS-14 that help companies involved in the oil, gas and petrochemical market protect their people, equipment and assets," said John Totsch, founder and president of Intelepresence.

Intelepresence's core competencies are in the design, integration and packaging state-of-the-art electronic sensors and imaging equipment. Intelepresence systems operate in the most remote and extreme conditions.

Intelepresence's primary customers include law enforcement, homeland security, airport authorities, marine and border patrols, federal agencies including US Marshals, US Customs, and the National Park Service, private security companies, and law enforcement training academies. Companies involved in oil and gas production, refining and marketing, pipeline and utility construction, power generation, construction, mining, forestry, and utility companies and agencies have also harnessed Intelepresence technology. Owners of private yachts, and fishing and hunting enthusiasts are avid users of select Intelepresence systems.

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Founded in 1994 by John Totsch, Intelepresence is a Vermont C-Corporation located near Burlington. Intelepresence is located in Cambridge Industrial Park, 96 John Putnam Memorial Drive, Cambridge, VT 05444.
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