Coverity Expands Microsoft Capabilities in Coverity Prevent

Support for Microsoft Platforms Enables Microsoft Developers to Analyze Code in Visual Studio and Vista

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 27 /-- Coverity Inc., the software integrity company, announced the availability of new features in Coverity Prevent for software developers who rely on Microsoft products. The latest release of Coverity Prevent now offers support for Microsoft Windows Vista, integration with Microsoft Visual Studio, and modeling for Win32 concurrency APIs. Additionally, Coverity has introduced a number of quality and concurrency checkers for C#. These new capabilities allow developers to identify, triage and fix critical defects in their preferred development environment.

"With more developers relying on Microsoft Visual Studio as the primary alternative to Eclipse, it is critical for tool vendors to offer support for both of the industry's leading IDEs," said Theresa Lanowitz, CEO of voke, an industry analyst firm. "Coverity's static analysis offering is unique because it supports both Eclipse and Microsoft Visual Studio IDEs in addition to advanced concurrency testing in C# as well as C/C++ and Java."

Coverity Prevent is the industry-leading static analysis solution. Over 500 companies rely on Prevent to ensure the integrity of their code by detecting quality and security defects early in the software development life cycle when they are most cost effective to eliminate. In addition to Windows Vista, Prevent also supports Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, FreeBSD, and NetBSD.

As the use of multi-core hardware accelerates more developers rely on Coverity Prevent to identify hard to find concurrency defects, such as race conditions or deadlocks, than any other static analysis product in the industry. The latest release of Prevent expands Coverity's concurrency defect detection capabilities to analyze Win 32-based code, allowing developers to pinpoint this hard-to-find defect class.

The latest release of Coverity Prevent includes the following Microsoft-specific capabilities:

-- Visual Studio Support -- Coverity Prevent Desktop for Visual Studio allows users to perform static code analysis within Visual Studio. With this capability, users can take advantage of a unified interface for software development as well as detecting critical quality and security defects. Analyses can also be shared with distributed teams by merging results with a remote database. Coverity Prevent Desktop supports Visual Studio 2005 and 2008. Coverity Prevent Desktop is also available for Eclipse 3.2, 3.3, and 3.4

-- C# Concurrency Defect Detection -- Prevent offers the first C# concurrency defect detection capabilities in the industry, with multiple checkers that pinpoint a variety of hard-to-find problems that can occur in multi-threaded C# applications.

-- Support for Win32 Concurrency -- New capabilities in Coverity Prevent help developers ensure the integrity of multi-threaded software designed for Win32 multi-core environments. Win32 concurrency modeling allows developers to identify hard to find concurrency defects early in the development life cycle.

-- Comprehensive Support for all Microsoft platforms. -- Coverity Prevent supports analysis on multiple Microsoft platforms including Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows Mobile, Windows Automotive, and Xbox.

"To develop applications with high quality and security on the many Microsoft platforms, developers must understand the intricacies of the Windows APIs and leverage them appropriately in their code," said Ben Chelf, CTO at Coverity. "With the use of automated static analysis that fundamentally understands these APIs, developers can rest assured that the code they write works as intended, even in complicated multi-core environments."

Coverity Prevent offers developers expanded Microsoft-specific analysis capabilities that allow them to deliver reliable code while reducing the cost of detecting and fixing any defects. Developers using Microsoft technologies are able to detect critical defects in their development environment, significantly decreasing the time and money required to find and fix defects. Prevent is an essential solution that helps development teams deliver high integrity code in the most cost efficient manner.

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