Cover Fits Like a Glove

This UL/cUL Listed, inexpensive and highly durable cover was specifically designed to mount directly onto the STI Stopper Station series of buttons. The cover is molded of clear, super tough polycarbonate material which incorporates the same curved shape of the button it protects, making it ideal for when space is limited.

Stopper Station Shield (STI-6517) has two tabs that snap into the newer Stopper Station buttons, allowing it to easily mount over the push button (retrofit available for previous buttons). The shield also has a raised molded "LIFT HERE" inscription near the bottom. For French or Spanish instruction, the STI-6517/FRE is labeled "LEVEZ ICI" and STI-6517/SPA is labeled "LEVANTE AQUI."

Molded from thick, super tough polycarbonate material, it takes hard knocks in stride while protecting the button against vandalism, damage or accidental activation. As all STI protective covers, Stopper Station Shield is backed by a lifetime guarantee against breakage in normal use. UL/cUL Listed.

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