Coulometric Titrator suits trace moisture applications.

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Available in 2-channel configurations, AQ-2100S features replaceable membrane that combines precision of ceramic frit with low maintenance of fritless system. Color LCD screen provides all information required by analysts, and real-time titration curves help in developing methods. Featuring detection range of 2 ppm to 10% upgradeable unit includes GLP-compliant instrument validation functions and can be controlled from PC or laptop via included RS232 cable.

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New AQUACOUNTER® Karl Fischer Coulometric Titrator

JM Science announces their new AQUACOUNTER® Karl Fischer Coulometric Titrator (AQ-2100S). This Coulometric Titrator is the logical choice for most trace moisture applications. Convenient, quick, electrode cable attachment, fritless cell, and innovative cell design are the hallmarks of our best coulometric titrator. Available in 2 channel configurations as well as a component of a semi-automated or fully automated KF system.

The wide detection range from 2ppm to 10%, its maximum capability for automation and future up-gradability, make the AQ-2100S perfect for any lab. The AQ-2100S has a large size color LCD screen that provides all the information that an analyst would require. Real-time titration curves can offer some assistance when developing new methods. The optional coulometric kit converts the unit to a two-channel coulometric titrator to quickly and efficiently run routine samples and problematic samples that require special reagents. Replaceable membrane combines the superior precision of a ceramic frit with the ease-of-maintenance of a fritless system. GLP compliant instrument validation functions are provided to give reliable results, such as the life of reagents, the life of electrodes, etc. Complete control from a PC or laptop is now standard with RS-232 cable included.

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