Cost-Effective Control of VOC Emissions from Storage Tanks

Linde details how cryo-condensation can recapture value while minimizing emissions

Murray Hill & New Providence, N.J., U.S. – At NISTM 2016, Senior Engineer Robert P. D’Orazio of Linde LLC will detail how cryo-condensation technology can not only minimize VOC emissions for storage tanks but recapture product and value for terminals, tank farms and chemical plants. His presentation, titled, “Use of Cryo-condensation in Controlling Storage Tank VOC Emissions,” is slated for Friday, April 22nd at 11:45 a.m. in AST Session 3.

The presentation will review the conditions and requirements that can make the practice competitive compared to absorption or thermal oxidation, as well as factors which can impact the decision, including compliance effects. The National Institute for Storage Tank Management sponsors the 18th Annual International Aboveground Storage Tank Conference & Trade Show (NISTM 2016), April 20-22, in Orlando, FL.

The CIRRUS® VOC control system from Linde, which uses liquid nitrogen for cryo-condensation, is ideal for solvent and hydrocarbon storage tanks that already use nitrogen for blanketing. It can also be ideal for chemical plants or storage terminals that must handle increasing levels of volatile emissions due to expansion and want an economical alternative to thermal oxidation or absorption.

“This is a modular system so it is cost efficient and easy to implement, and the savings can be even higher when used to recapture high-value products such as hexane from supply and vent lines,” D’Orazio said.

D’Orazio offers more than 37 years of experience in customer process engineering for nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen systems, and he holds several patents. His areas of expertise include: storage tank blanketing, cryo-condensation, gas uses for environmental control of air and water pollutants, and chemical uses such as oxidations.

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