Corrugated Polycarbonate Panel is engineered for strength.

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Designed as exact match to metal R-Panel profile, Ultra R-Panel survives harsh weather, impacts, as well as corrosive chemicals and liquids. Heavy-duty panel, designed for new or retrofit siding or roofing applications for commercial, industrial, and residential structures, comes in clear, white opal (45% LT), and soft white (85% LT) versions. With noncombustible flame spread rating of 6, all versions are engineered to maintain color stability and light transmission.

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Introducing UNITREX® Ultra R-Panel; the Strongest Corrugated Polycarbonate Panel Available

Based on strength and performance, Ultra R-Panel is the ultimate siding and roofing polycarbonate panel for your facility. Ultra R-Panel is designed as an exact match to a metal R-Panel profile. Ultra R-Panels take on harsh weather conditions, impacts from warehouse equipment, and corrosive chemicals and liquids, and still makes your building look like new.

Ultra R-Panel is a heavy-duty corrugated polycarbonate panel from H&F Manufacturing. The panel is designed specifically for new or retrofit siding or roofing applications for commercial, industrial and residential structures. Ultra R-Panels offer strength and stability characteristics superior to any other corrugated, polycarbonate product available on the market today, and the panels are easy to handle and install.

Ultra R-Panel is available Clear, White Opal (45% LT) and Soft White (85% LT). Engineered to maintain color stability and high light transmission, the panel lends itself to a wide variety of applications including, but not limited to, skylights, sidelights, siding and roofing. Ultra R-Panel has a noncombustible flame spread rating of 6; considerably less than other non-metallic panels.

Ultra R-Panel is manufactured and distributed by H & F Manufacturing Corp., a leader in the manufacture of plastic building materials. Since 1973, H & F has brought to the industry the most advanced PVC, "Phase-2", and Polycarbonate, "Unitrex", Siding, Roofing, and Louver Panels. Contact H&F today and put UNITREX® Panels, the perfect building product, to work for your business.

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