Corrugated Pallet is used in domestic and export shipping.

Press Release Summary:

Weighing 10 lb, Quantum Pallet meets all international shipping requirements for use of wood packaging material. It absorbs vibration and shock and works to mitigate product damage. Featuring 100% recyclable construction, pallet eliminates jagged edges, exposed nails, and heavy lifting to increase worker safety. Construction also allows companies to reduce freight costs by lowering overall shipping weight.

Original Press Release:

Palletkraft Introduces a Revolutionary, Patented Ultra Lightweight Pallet for both Domestic and Export Shipping

Revolutionary Mass Production Techniques Allow For Immediate Delivery

Dramatically Reduces Shipping Costs

DAYTON, OHIO - June 23, 2005 - PalletKraft has recently introduced a revolutionary new corrugated pallet for domestic and export shipping. The Quantum Pallet eliminates the hassles of using wood pallets and helps companies dramatically improve their bottom line. The pallet is competitively priced, sturdy and lightweight and meets all international shipping requirements.

Said Neil Costello, PalletKraft CEO, "For years the wooden pallet has been considered the industry standard for shipping, with approximately 95% of everything being shipped on heavy and systematically costly wood pallets. As a result, companies have unwittingly experienced higher freight charges, incurred higher packaging costs, suffered unnecessary product damage, shouldered increasing disposal costs for wood pallets and paid worker's compensation claims for employees injured while handling wood pallets - all negatively impacting their bottom-line. PalletKraft's Quantum Pallet unlocks previously hidden value in the logistical pipeline and does so without changing a company's internal processes. He added, "PalletKraft is not just selling a pallet, we are selling a total shipping solution that is tailored to our customers' needs and focused on improving their overall logistical pipeline."

According to Charles Albert, PalletKraft CFO, "We realize that reducing shipping costs is of paramount importance to the manufacturing industries and PalletKraft pallets are at least 75% lighter, dramatically reducing freight costs." He added, "Instead of shipping a truckload of product on 40-70 lb. wood pallets, companies will ship products on a pallet weighing only 10 lbs. However, this is only one of the many advantages our pallet has over the wooden pallet."

The Quantum Pallet offers a clear advantage over the wooden pallet in each of the following areas:

1.) Vibration Absorption - Unlike wood pallets, PalletKraft's Quantum Pallets actually absorb vibration and shock and work to mitigate product damage and position companies to significantly reduce product packaging costs.

2.) Weight - A Quantum Pallet are at least 75% lighter than wood pallets, allowing companies to reducing freight costs by switching pallet weight for product weight or simply shipping less overall weight.

3.) Export Regulation - Quantum Pallets are exempt from the International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures: Guidelines for Regulating Wood Packaging Material In International Trade (ISPM 15).

4.) Employee Health and Safety - Quantum Pallets reduce employee injuries from broken slates, jagged edges, exposed nails and heavy lifting.

5.) Environment - The Quantum Pallets are 100% recyclable not only eliminating disposal costs but creating a disposal revenue stream.

Said Costello, "Although corrugated pallets have been in the market for years, the difference between PalletKraft and all others is obvious. Our internationally patented solution allows us to produce 1,800 pallets an hour which is an order of magnitude greater than other manufacturers. This means we can deliver a viable alternative shipping platform in the quantities companies require and at price points that companies will find attractive even before considering added value associated with the pallet. When companies consider the added value of the solution, the cost of the pallet becomes an insignificant expenditure."

PalletKraft North American Corporation is a privately held company headquartered in Dayton, Ohio. The company holds the exclusive manufacturing and distribution rights to the world's only patented shipping pallet that is formed from using only two sheets of corrugated board and can be produced and volumes never before seen in the pallet industry. Patented in 23 countries, this product is revolutionizing the packaging and shipping industry with its lightweight, sturdy design, recycle ability and bacteria/insect free raw materials. For more information, visit

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