Corrosion-Resistant Gear Pump has extended life design.

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Rated for differential pressures to 350 psi and flows to 20 gpm, Liquiflo Max(TM) Series is constructed with solid 316SS or Titanium body and features helical gears. Heavy-duty shaft and bearing design, solid wrought construction, and oversized heavy-duty bolts promote life expectancy. Available in single or double mechanical seal or mag-drive configurations, pump is also available with integral gear-shaft arrangement made from 17-4 precipitate hardened stainless steel.

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Liquiflo Max(TM) Series Gear Pump

Liquiflo Max(TM) Series: the World's TOUGHEST Gear Pump!
Pressures up to 350 PSI
Flows up to 20 GPM

The Liquiflo Max(TM) Series Gear Pumps will handle differential pressures to 350 PSI and flows to 20 GPM. Its unique and durable design assures extended life even in high-pressure pumping applications where other gear pumps could fail. The Max(TM) Series pump features newly designed helical gears for smoother, quieter operation and intrinsic reduction of gear separation forces.

Heavy Duty Construction (Solid 316SS or Titanium Body)
The Max(TM) Series heavy duty shaft and bearing design make it last even when operating at high differential pressures for extended lengths of time. Its solid wrought construction and oversized heavy duty bolts will eliminate any possibility of the pump being distorted by piping misalignment. The pump mounting bracket is made of corrosion resistant 316 Stainless Steel or sturdy Cast Iron.

Configuration (Mechanical Seal or Mag Drive, Close-Coupled)
These pumps are available in either single or double mechanical seal or mag-drive configurations. The universal seal housing will accommodate either a single or double mechanical seal. The Max(TM) Series pump close-couples to the motor to simplify installation and eliminate difficulties and inconveniences of aligning the pump and motor. The body material choice is either 316SS or Titanium with multiple choices of internal components to optimize your selection for specific chemical applications.

Applications for Corrosive Chemicals
Liquiflo Max(TM) Series Gear Pumps were designed to handle a variety of chemical processing applications including the metering and transfer of extremely corrosive and toxic chemicals. The Max(TM) is available in several choices of corrosion resistant materials, including 316SS and Titanium to optimize longevity and long-term reliability. ACI's experienced Sales Team can assist you in optimizing the correct choice of materials to suit your specific chemical pumping applications.

Liquiflo also offers an integral gear-shaft arrangement made from 17-4 PH (precipitate hardened) stainless steel. By using a heat-treated metal-to-metal gear configuration, higher pressures can be acheived without the risk of galling or accelerated wear. 17-4 PH SS materials are only recommended for moderately aggressive chemicals. Metal-to-metal gears should only be applied when pumping liquids with viscosities over 100 cP. Contact ACI for specific applications.

  • All stainless steel pump & mounting bracket
  • 7 pump sizes available to meet your specific applications
  • 350 PSI max differential pressure
  • Flow rates up to 20 GPM
  • Heavy Duty construction for long life
  • Easy to repair: repair kits or individual parts are available
  • Close-coupled design simplifies installation and eliminates misalignment of pump and motor
  • Most compact gear pump in the industry

    Contact ACI with your application or for more information.

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