Corrosion Inhibitors prevents rust in wire EDM machines.

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Added to de-ionized water between dirty water tank and clean water tank, H2O Plus prevents build-up of rust on workpieces and non-stainless work holders. Non-ionic product is efficient when used at concentration ratio of 1:100. Used at concentration ratio of 0.5:100, H2O Plus Blue prevents rust build-up and keeps machinery clean by loosening dirt and waste products from tank walls and hoses. Both products are physiologically safe and remove with water.

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H2O Plus and H2O Plus Blue Corrosion Inhibitors Available From Hirschmann

HIRSCHMANN Engineering USA, Inc., Buffalo Grove, IL now offers H2O Plus and H2O Plus Blue corrosion inhibitors, which were developed to keep rust from forming in wire EDM machines. Both products are physiologically safe and are removable with water. They do not contain any toxic or hazardous additives and have no effect on the cutting efficiency of water based dielectric EDM machines. H2O Plus is a highly concentrated corrosion inhibitor developed to prevent undesirable build up of rust on workpieces and non-stainless work holders. Recommended for use in both new and existing installations, H2O Plus is added to de-ionized water between the dirty water tank and the clean water tank at a concentration ratio of 1 to 100 to guarantee optimal rust proofing. H2O Plus is non-ionic, and will not affect the de-ionized resin. The concentration level can be kept at a ratio of 1 to 150 when adding water. No cleaning or preparation of machinery is necessary before use. It is available in one (1) gallon containers. H2O Plus Blue was developed to prevent undesirable buildup of rust on workpieces and also to keep machinery clean. When added to an existing system, dirt and waste products are loosened from tank walls and hoses and are captured by the filtration system. Therefore, H2O Plus Blue is recommended for use in new machine installations where tank walls, filters, hoses, etc., are free of contamination. When H2O Plus Blue is used in existing installations, two applications may be required. The first application does a major cleaning and normally requires a complete change of water and filters after approximately 40 hours of use. A concentration level of 0.5 to 100 guarantees optimal rust proofing and cleaning. The second application keeps the system clean and offers corrosion inhibiting capabilities. H2O Plus Blue has a lower concentration (0.5% vol.) than H2O Plus (1% vol.). It is also available in one (1) gallon containers. Both products are available immediately FOB Buffalo Grove, Illinois and can be shipped via UPS. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are also available upon request. For more information contact: HIRSCHMANN Engineering USA, Inc. 1558 Barclay Blvd. Buffalo Grove, IL 60089 Phone: 847-419-9890 Fax: 847-419-9895 Web Site: E-Mail: [email protected] Incorporated in 1992, Hirschmann Engineering, USA, Inc. is a subsidiary of Hirschmann GmbH, Germany, a privately owned ISO 9001 certified company founded in 1957. Hirschmann Engineering USA, Inc. is the sole importer of all products manufactured by the parent company and by Oelheld GmbH, a producer of synthetic metalworking fluids. Oelheld is an ISO 9001 Certified company, founded in 1887. Hirschmann Engineering USA, Inc. is responsible for sales, service, and technical support for all of North America.

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