Corrosion/ESD Protective Packaging safeguards electronics.

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Corrosion and ESD protective ATCI packaging for electronic devices, components, and circuit cards is not affected by large temperature and humidity changes, allowing it to maintain protection abilities when shipping and storing in conditions such as airplane holds or ocean containments. Available in tubing and bags from 2-60 in. wide, and in sheets, shrouds, and rolls, contamination-free product protects materials including ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, rubbers, and plastics.

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ATCI: New Product for Intercept Technology Corrosion Protective Packaging

Liberty Packaging Co, Inc. announces new ATCI packaging product for electronic devices, components, circuit cards, and equipment in the electronics industry requiring short-term corrosion protection and electrostatic discharge protection.

ATCI corrosion protection packaging is a combination of the attributes of two inventive technologies. The CI portion of ATCI stands for Corrosion Intercept which is corrosion and tarnish protection based on the same foundation as all the Intercept Technology products, such as the renowned Static Intercept, sacrificial reactive polymers. AT anti-static technology added into Corrosion Intercept make ATCI a fully functional packaging material for the protection of electronics.

"Bagels and cream cheese; hamburgers and fries; lobster and butter, some things blend together really well," said Liberty Vice President Joe Spitz: "ATCI is like that in that it combines amine free AT technology with hearty Corrosion Intercept plastics."

ATCI bags, sheets, shrouds, and/or rolls are contamination free, clean, and safe for products and workers. Unlike other anti-static products, ATCI protection is not affected by temperature changes or low humidity conditions so it will maintain its corrosion and ESD protection abilities when shipping and storing in harsh and varied conditions such as airplane holds or ocean containments. ATCI tubing and bags can be run from 2" up to 60" wide and it will protect all materials inside including ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, rubbers, and other plastics.

The Intercept Technology(TM) line of packaging materials has quite a following to this point. Many companies worldwide, in industries such as automotive, equipment, electronics, aerospace, parts, mining, oil and gas to name a few, have achieved measurable cost of goods savings by incorporating Intercept into their packaging methodology. The Intercept value includes increased reliability and Intercept products are friendly to the environment.

About Liberty Packaging:

The Liberty Packaging Co., Inc., is a woman-owned business based in New England. Liberty's principle product line is Intercept Technology Packaging for corrosion and static protection. For more information about Liberty Packaging Co. Inc. and Intercept Technology, please call 781-849-3355, or e-mail:

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