Corner Boards protect products during shipment and handling.

Press Release Summary:

As preformed products, Tuff-Angle Edge Protectors use full double-face corrugated sheet that is scored, glued, then triple-folded into shape. Three layers create thickness, folding interlock provides corner reinforcement, and design optimizes stacking strength. Corner board can be made thick or thin by utilizing flutes from N to A/C; stacking strength can be varied by reversing corrugation to vertical; and different paper grades allow stacking strength and impact resistance to be varied.

Original Press Release:

Patented Tuff-Angle Edge Protector Delivers Best Performance and Best Value

Gallatin, TN – A new design for corner boards has raised the bar of expectations for product protection during shipment and material handling, both on the assembly line and in the warehouse. These corner boards can be used to protect the edges of metal or wood furniture, file cabinets, metal lockers, large appliances, consumer goods, and precision machined parts. The Tuff-Angle edge protector is becoming legendary for the ability to eliminate product damage, improving freight and warehouse efficiency and reducing packaging cost.

Tuff-Angle Edge Protectors exceed the competition in the most critical areas of performance, those being stacking strength, impact resistance, cushioning, vibration, scuff resistance, and corner protection. They arrive preformed and have the ease of use of other edge protectors, as well as a similar look; however that is where the similarities end. The strength and protective characteristics will be noticeable as soon as you hold them in your hand. As will the results. It is immediately obvious that they are tougher, stronger, more rugged, and almost indestructible.

Rather than layering single-face sheets, Tuff-Angle Edge Protectors use a full double-face corrugated sheet that is scored, glued, and then folded into shape. There are many advantages. A double-faced sheet is inherently stronger than a flimsy single-face sheet. The folding design is inherently stronger than layering. They have better physics. One double-face sheet is triple-folded, glued, and interlocked. Unlike the competition, all three of these folds reinforce the corner of the edge protector, making it almost indestructible. It is a smart, strong, cost-competitive design. A single ply, because of the folding configuration, comes into play three times, creating several different performance characteristics. The three layers create thickness, the folding interlock provides unbelievable corner reinforcement, and the overall design has substantially more stacking strength. 

Basing our design on a standard, double-faced sheet makes it possible to take advantage of all the strides made by the corrugated industry. We offer more solutions for our customers because we use a prevalent material that can be modified in many ways. We are able to make our corner board thick or thin by taking advantage of all the flutes available on the market, from N flute (extremely thin single wall) to A/C (extremely thick double wall). In addition, we can vary the stacking strength of the edge protector by reversing the corrugation to the vertical direction. We can also change the overall stacking strength and impact resistance by using different paper grades. We can reduce scuffing with environmentally friendly water-based coatings.

Tuff-Angle Edge Protectors’ stacking strength puts them in a class of their own. Three factors are in play to provide the stacking strength: the folded design itself, the direction of the corrugation, and the strength of the paper grade. All of these factors are unique due to the proprietary design. The benefits of stacking strength, both in the warehouse and for outbound freight, are obvious and unmatched by current products.

Tuff-Angle Edge Protectors can be used inside a carton to provide an air cell clearance for the product and for additional stacking strength. They can be used when surrounding the product with stretch wrap and eliminating the carton. A scuff coating may provide an opportunity to eliminate the cost and labor of polyethylene bagging. Tuff-Angle Edge Protectors can be used for load-forming multiple boxes on a pallet. They are the best choice for strapping when banding marks are an issue.

Customers have reported these benefits to using Tuff-Angle Edge Protectors:

• Improved cash flow and warehouse space by reducing the number of custom boxes needed for shipping

• Reduced labor time in custom packaging

• Eliminated polybagging

• Reduced vibration through superior cushioning and strength

• Better utilization of trucks and improved freight cost due to the ability to multi-stack Tuff-Angle protected products.

All Tuff-Angle products are designed to exceed National Motor Freight Classification specifications and F Pack requirements. Independent laboratory tests have proved our edge protectors will safeguard a glass-covered, framed picture when subjected to a 10-point drop and 21,000 vibrations, earning ISTA approval.

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Founded in 1994 by Jack Robinson, Jr., as a full-service corrugated box manufacturer, Volunteer Box is headquartered in Gallatin, Tennessee. Tuff-Angle Edge Protector products were developed to serve the needs of our clients in the furniture and appliance industries and have been used in many other applications and industries.

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