Coriolis Transmitter requires only 0.03 cu ft of space.

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Model 2500 MVD(TM) DIN-rail Transmitter, utilizing multivariable digital-signal processing technology, provides output for mass flow, volume flow, density, temperature, and flow totals. It is powered by 24 Vdc and uses standard shielded 4-wire cable. Online monitoring and diagnostics data delivered by Model 2500 provides predictive process and flowmeter health information that PlantWeb® digital plant architecture delivers to those running plant.

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Emerson Transforms Coriolis Transmitter Space Requirements

Micro Motion® Model 2500 MVD(TM) transmitter is one-third the size of other transmitters, dramatically reducing space requirements and installation costs

Boulder, Colorado. -- (July 21, 2003) Integrating Coriolis meters into Emerson's PlantWeb® digital plant architecture, PLC programmable logic controller systems, or DCS distributed control systems has been made easier and more cost effective with Emerson Process Management's July 2003 release of the new Micro Motion® Model 2500 MVD(TM) DIN rail transmitter. In convenient DIN rail mounted packaging, this new transmitter requires only 0.03 cubic feet of control room space versus one (1.0) cubic foot required for typical Coriolis transmitters. With this new transmitter, users save on installation costs and space requirements, while improving quality and reducing downtime due to the transmitter's advanced multivariable digital signal processing (DSP) technology.

Even with the dramatically smaller footprint, the Micro Motion Model 2500 MVD transmitter packs a lot of power. Utilizing patented Micro Motion MVD(TM) technology, the Micro Motion Model 2500 transmitter provides output for mass flow, volume flow, density, temperature, and flow totals. Additional output options include 10 kHz frequency, 4-20 mA, discrete inputs, discrete outputs, and HART and Modbus that are user-configurable.

Users can reduce wiring costs by using standard shielded four-wire cable with this transmitter. Complementing the predictive maintenance power of PlantWeb, Micro Motion Model 2500 transmitters reduce downtime by providing access to the Coriolis flowmeter's diagnostics and configuration parameters, and improve process performance by providing DSP-based signal conditioning. Plus the Micro Motion Model 2500 is powered by readily available 24 volt DC power.

Micro Motion flowmeters using the Micro Motion Model 2500 transmitter can be place in all areas of a plant, including hazardous areas. Configuration can be accomplished through Emerson Process Management's AMS predictive maintenance software, Micro Motion ProLink® II software, Modbus or a HART handheld communicator. To further optimize a users' processes, software options such as enhanced density measurements (eg. Brix, % concentration) or petroleum measurement can be selected.

Benefits of using the Micro Motion Model 2500 MVD transmitter include:
o Lower installed costs by using standard 4-wire cabling, reducing space requirements and eliminating the need for expensive straight runs or flow conditioning.
o Improved process performance through reduced raw material usage, reduced batch variability, improved production yield/less waste, faster material throughput and faster response time.
o Reduced downtime with higher stability, enhanced diagnostics capabilities and loops that are easier to tune.
o Easier to use, by providing an easy to mount and easy to wire package while still maintaining the superior performance and flexibility of the MVD architecture.

The installation convenience of the Model 2500 expands the use of accurate, precise Micro Motion Coriolis to power improved manufacturing quality by Emerson's PlantWeb digital plant architecture. Additionally, the online monitoring and diagnostics data delivered by the Model 2500 provides predictive process and flowmeter health information that PlantWeb delivers to those running the plant, enabling more efficient scheduled and proactive maintenance.

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