Coriolis Mass-Flow Controller suits critical applications.

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Capable of controlling liquids and gases, Brooks Instrument QUANTIM Coriolis meter and controller utilizes modular hardware platform using sensing tube geometries and optical sensing techniques. Modular hardware platform allows product to measure and control flows from 1-28,000 g/hr. Equipped with integrated sensor, transmitter, valve, and control electronics, unit allows users to control liquids or gases without switching meters or recalibrating device.

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Emerson Introduces New Brooks Instrument QUANTIMB. Coriolis Mass Flow Controller, Improves Flow Control In Critical Applications

Enhanced tube sensitivity enables controlling both liquids and gases with better accuracy at lower and higher flow rates

HATFIELD, PA (March 24, 2004) -- Emerson Process Management today unveiled the lowest flow Coriolis meter and controller available on the market. The new Brooks Instrument QUANTIMB. Coriolis family of products provides customers with more precise measurement and control of liquids and gases at lower and higher flow rates.

This new version of QUANTIM is especially useful in high-value laboratory, research and pilot plant applications, commented Steve Kannengieszer, Director of Industry Marketing at Brooks Instrument. For example, the new QUANTIM will be of great value to life science users for nutrient feed delivery and cell density measurement.

A modular hardware platform using improved sensing tube geometries and optical sensing techniques now enable QUANTIM to handle both liquids and gases. This new platform allows QUANTIM to measure and control flows as low as 1 g/hr (gram per hour) and as high as 28,000 g/hr. Customers will also experience better overall accuracy at the low end of the flow range thanks to improved zero-stability. The new QUANTIM Coriolis mass flow controller features a new valve that is more forgiving of variations in line pressures and reduces the chance of clogging due to a larger orifice. The new valve also uses an all-metal valve seat thus eliminating potential control issues associated with elastomer valve seat compatibility and swelling.


QUANTIM is the lowest flow Coriolis meter and controller available on the market today. Users can change liquids or gases without switching meters or recalibrating the device. QUANTIM has no moving parts in the area where process liquids and gases flow, which minimizes maintenance requirements. Minimal physical space is required due to its small, integrated design. Piping and wiring during installation are dramatically simplified since QUANTIM has fully integrated sensor, transmitter, valve, and control electronics.

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