Coremetrics Enables Businesses to Improve Digital Marketing with Newest Release

Coremetrics 2006 Adds Cross-Functional Reporting and Unprecedented Visualization Tools to Accelerate Marketing ROI for Online Businesses

SAN MATEO, Calif., Nov. 14 / -- Coremetrics, the leading provider of hosted Web analytics and precision marketing solutions, today announced the general availability of Coremetrics 2006. Coremetrics 2006 offers enhanced data access and availability, providing organizations with a single resource for planning, measuring, and testing truly integrated marketing and merchandising efforts. Coremetrics 2006 also provides groundbreaking visualization tools, delivering intuitive, ad hoc end user created dashboards for identifying patterns in customer behavior and understanding site performance. With this release, executives, marketers, merchants and site designers can coordinate marketing and merchandising efforts, and measure their results in a repeatable, graphical manner that is easily published and shared across the organization.

"Over the last five years, leading eCommerce sites have turned to Coremetrics for the world's best Web analytics, marketing and merchandising solutions," said Joe Davis, president and CEO of Coremetrics. "With this release, our clients -- from the CEO to marketers, product managers and site designers -- have the tools they need to streamline their marketing and merchandising efforts through vastly simplified analytical reporting. Coremetrics 2006 accelerates our clients' time to value by pinpointing how, when and where to reach their high-value customers."

Obtaining a Common Understanding of the Customer

Leveraging Coremetrics' LIVE (Lifetime Individual Visitor Experience) Profiles, Coremetrics 2006 now allows businesses to integrate online campaign data across the organization and gain valuable and actionable insights to drive a highly profitable online channel. It delivers powerful cross- functional reporting capabilities, enabling organizations for the first time to streamline efforts in targeting high value visitor groups. Whether the CEO needs to track online revenues, the marketer needs to monitor campaign performance, the product manager is trying to understand marketing and site search, or the site designer is looking to better understand conversion paths, Coremetrics 2006 delivers integrated reports which provide the actionable data to drive efficient marketing and eCommerce success through new features such as:

o Key Segments -- Leveraging an intuitive user interface, analysts can now easily define retrospective user segments on the fly and apply segment criteria to standard Coremetrics reports without the need to modify tag implementations. For example, users can now filter merchandising reports to view items purchased by visitors who responded to a natural search engine result and spent over $300. With this information marketers and merchants can coordinate on which products to focus for natural search optimization.

o Merchandising Zoom -- One-click segmentation allows users to drill in on products or product categories delivering visibility into the behaviors of customers interested in specific products. Buyers and category managers can now identify the key channels, marketing programs, on-site search terms, etc. that are leading to sales and communicate this information to marketing and site operations teams. With this valuable data, organizations can focus marketing campaigns and site search results on the exact products that customers are looking for, to increase relevance of promotions and improve return on marketing investment.

o Native Excel Integration -- Clients are now able to import and refresh Coremetrics report data directly from within Microsoft Excel. With this ability, organizations are able to seamlessly integrate web analytics data into cross-functional workflows that are highly dependent on excel.

"At 1-800-FLOWERS.COM we closely manage product assortment and promotion to address the various needs of our customers," said Christopher Barca, senior manager of online merchandising at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM. "We expect the enhanced segmentation and new Excel reporting in Coremetrics 2006 to improve our ability to communicate actionable information faster and dive deeper into how each segment is being impacted by our Marketing and Merchandising decisions."

Visualization of Behavior Patterns and Key Performance Indicators

Coremetrics 2006 also offers configurable, end user published dashboards that combine compelling visualization with detailed data integration, enabling eCommerce executives and managers to understand and act upon data more effectively.

The Weekly Pattern dashboard allows marketing and product managers to graphically understand patterns in visitor behavior on an hourly basis. Using insight into these behaviors, organizations can pinpoint the time of day that users are most likely to visit or purchase.

In addition, the Coremetrics Homepage Dashboard offers eight other visualization patterns, such as cumulative trending, conversion funnels, and changing items; and all can be configured with easy drag and drop selection. The dashboard allows one-click zoom to report data, allowing users who are alerted to a spike in sessions on pages with home equity loan content, for example, to drill in to that category and understand the specific creative that is driving interest. Executives, marketers, merchandisers and site designers now have the ability to tailor the key performance indicators they need to manage their business, and track them in a visual and easy to understand manner.

"As a multichannel retailer, understanding patterns in online customer behavior driven by a variety of advertising channels is critical," said Al Hurlebaus, Director of eCommerce, CompUSA. "With Coremetrics dashboards we can now clearly see the timing and impact that our advertising has on visitor traffic, and we now have the information needed to modify our marketing accordingly to present the promotion and creative that our customers expect to see."

Pricing and Availability

All features in this release are currently deployed to all Coremetrics clients. Coremetrics 2006 is generally available. For more information or to schedule a demo, please contact 877-721-CORE.

About Coremetrics

Coremetrics is the leading provider of on-demand Web analytics and precision marketing solutions, offering the industry's only Web analytics platform that captures and stores all customer and visitor clickstream activity to build LIVE (Lifetime Individual Visitor Experience) Profiles. Representing the single most accurate and comprehensive source of online customer data, LIVE Profiles serve as the foundation for all successful eBusiness initiatives. Leading online brands rely on Coremetrics LIVE Profiles to monitor and optimize the performance of multiple marketing campaigns, improve cross-sell and multichannel initiatives, and precisely target customers through intelligent marketing campaigns. Coremetrics services more than 600 clients and has delivered over $300 million in documented ROI in the past two years. The company is privately held with funding from Accel Partners and Highland Capital Partners and is headquartered in San Mateo, California with offices in Austin, Texas and London, England. To learn more about Coremetrics, visit or call 877-721-CORE.

Coremetrics has strongly supported online privacy since its inception. To learn more, visit

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