Cordless Blind Riveter delivers 2,023 lb of traction.

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Powered by 14.4 V lithium-ion battery that will charge in less than 1 hour, Rivdom Cordless Riveter will set up to 3/16 in. standard rivets in all materials. Clear container collects spent mandrels to help keep work area clean. Featuring ergonomic, balanced design with comfortable grip handle, Rivdom has LED light that turns on when trigger is pulled, illuminating riveting application. Tool is packaged in plastic carrying case with battery, charger, and 4 sizes of nosepieces.

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S-B Industries Introduces the Rivdom Cordless Riveter

The new Rivdom cordless riveter is an ergonomically designed blind, battery powered rivet gun designed to go anywhere and tackle virtually any riveting task without needing access to an air compressor. St. Louis, Missouri -- With more than 25 years of experience in North American riveter markets, S-B Industries, Inc. introduces the Rivdom cordless riveter. Designed by the German-based Honsel GmbH, Rivdom combines previously unattainable power and performance in a convenient riveter package. Weighing only 3.4 lbs this new cordless riveter offers unparalleled efficiency when compressed air is not desired or available. "Cost of compressed air can be high and access to an air compressor is not always possible. These factors are driving demand for a quality cordless riveting product," said Michael Mervis, vice president of sales and marketing for S-B, Industries. "The Rivdom cordless riveter is designed to tackle virtually any standard riveting product with the flexibility to go anywhere. Plus, the Rivdom cordless riveter is light weight, balanced and comfortable making it extremely easy to operate." With 2,023 lbs. of traction, the Rivdom cordless riveter is powered by a 14.4V, lithion-ion battery that will recharge in less than 1 hour. This cordless riveter will set up to 3/16" standard rivets in all materials. A clear container collects spent mandrels to help keep the work area clean. Rivdom's ergonomic design includes a comfortable grip handle giving relief to the worker. Plus Rivdom is superbly balanced in the operators hand or standing upright. A conveniently placed LED light turns on when the trigger is pulled and illuminates the riveting application. Rivdom is packaged in a sturdy plastic carrying case with battery, charger and four sizes of nosepieces. "The Rivdom cordless riveter was designed using 80 years of experience in the industry. This product is a first class tool that will cut costs in blind riveting assembly and allow riveting in offline areas much easier," said Mervis. About S-B Industries
Based in St. Louis, Missouri, S-B Industries specializes in developing cost effective, innovative solutions for the tooling and component sourcing needs of clients throughout the United States and abroad. For more information about S-B Industries innovative new Rivdom Cordless Riveter, visit their website at, e-mail at, or call 1-800-543-1011.

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