Copper Tubing is offered in exact straight lengths.

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Exact Straight Length (ESL) Copper Tube is delivered to HVAC/R OEMs, mechanically straightened and cut to precise and specific lengths for production of heat exchangers, chillers, and heaters. Lengths run from 10 in. to 25 ft. with 3/16-1 in. OD. Tube is available in tempers of H58 drawn, H80 hard drawn, 050 light anneal, and 060 soft anneal that meet ASTM specifications B68 and B75. ESL is available as light anneal rotary straightened tubes in ¼-1 in. OD.

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Cerro Exact Straight Lengths - Just What the OEM Orders

November 1,2004: Exact Straight Length (ESL) copper tube from Cerro Flow Products is delivered to HVAC/R OEMs mechanically straightened and cut to precise, specific lengths for the efficient, economical production of heat exchangers, chillers and heaters.

ESL copper tube outside diameter size ranges from a minimum 3/16" (4.76 mm) to a maximum 1" (25.40 mm). Lengths run from a minimum 10" (254 mm) to a maximum 25' (7.62 m). ESLs are available in tempers of H58 (drawn), H80 (hard drawn), 050 (light anneal) and 060 (soft anneal) that meet ASTM specifications B68 and B75. ESLs from ¼" O.D. to 1" O.D. are also available in the form of light anneal rotary straightened tubes.

ESLs are delivered in bundles or boxes, depending upon length and customer requirements. Each box or bundle typically weighs 1,000 lbs., although 500-lb. boxes can be supplied if necessary. Boxes are available at no extra cost.

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