Copenhagen Airport Chooses Brüel & Kjær for New Noise and Flight Monitoring Project

Copenhagen Airport (CPH), located just eight kilometres southeast of the city centre, is Scandinavia's main airport. After a thorough market review and public tender process, the airport has chosen to continue its long relationship with Brüel and Kjær by updating its current noise monitoring system.

A client of Brüel and Kjær since the mid 1980s, Copenhagen Airport will replace their system with Brüel and Kjær's flagship offering, ANOMS, equipped with 12 permanent and two portable noise monitoring terminals.

The ANOMS (Airport Noise and Operations Monitoring System), will collect the data from around the airport and correlate this with flight track data. It will also produce publication-ready reports for stakeholders, and help the airport manage its noise abatement policies.

In addition, the airport will receive WebTrak, the award-winning, web-based community engagement module, to provide open and transparent flight and noise information to the communities around the airport.

"Aircraft noise is a major environmental challenge for any airport, and noise is a major environmental issue for people living near an airport. Brüel & Kjær has the most extensive experience and range of solutions in airport noise monitoring and we are looking forward to upgrading our system with this integrated suite of tools," said Inger Sturm, Head of Environmental Affairs, Copenhagen Airport.

Installation began in December 2010, and Copenhagen Airport expects the system to be fully operational by June 2011. Once the system is in place, Brüel & Kjær's NoiseOffice services will ensure Copenhagen Airport has a robust system with data that is beyond question.

The European Sales Manager of Brüel & Kjær EMS, Kent Espersen, added: "This is a key project for us in our home country. We are pleased to be able to provide Copenhagen Airport with this world-class noise monitoring system and NoiseOffice service, to ensure they can provide timely and highly accurate data to all stakeholders."

With the addition of WebTrak, Copenhagen Airport will join the world's leading airports for noise management and community engagement initiatives.

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