Cooper Lighting Ventus LED Fixtures Provide First LED High-mast Roadway Illumination for Chubbuck, Idaho Project

PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. - Faced with the task of satisfying both an interstate interchange project requirement to use high-mast lighting and the need to match the color temperature of existing LED fixtures on surrounding roadways, Cooper Lighting, a leader at the forefront of transforming the lighting industry and setting an unmatched standard for innovation and reliability, worked with state officials to find the best solution. With ample illumination, the desired color temperature and providing added energy efficiency savings, the StreetworksVentus LED luminaire stood out as one of the only acceptable LED solutions to satisfy the Chubbuck, Idaho, project needs.

The goal of the project was to light a new interstate interchange with LED fixtures and utilize 80-foot high-mast poles to minimize the number of poles needed in the design. State officials were already familiar with benefits of LED lighting, having used LEDs on previous interchange projects around the state, but using LED fixtures in combination with high-mast poles was uncharted territory.

In addition to being only one of three manufacturers with LED fixtures approved for use on the state highways in Idaho, Cooper Lighting was also the only solutions provider that offered fixtures with sufficient lumen output to be considered per computer lighting simulations. Since this application represented a first in the use of LED fixtures in high-mast lighting, state officials needed to ensure that the product would provide proper illumination compared to the traditional high-pressure sodium (HPS) alternatives, and so a field test site was created at a nearby rest area. This site allowed for an easy comparison of the light output and distribution between the site’s current 100-foot high-mast poles with 400-wattHPS fixtures and those with the 285-watt Ventus LED fixtures.

“There are three major benefits realized as a result of this test,” says Ethan Griffiths, the principal technician in traffic services for the Idaho Transportation Department.“This includes the reduced power usage while still maintaining similar light levels, a much higher color rendering index (CRI) and longer time frames between required maintenance.”

In this case, the four LED fixtures mounted on the 100-foot pole consume only 1140 watts, versus 1872 watts, a reduction of 732 watts or 39 percent. The Ventus LED luminaire has a much higher CRI of 70, versus the HPS fixture with only a 20 CRI. Finally, HPS fixtures are rated for 24,000 hours or approximately 5.5 years before complete failure of the lamp andbecause of this they are relamped on a threeto fouryear schedule. The LED fixture is rated for 60,000 hours of life. This allows the potential to extend the luminaire maintenance intervals by more than three times their current rate – replacingcurrent threeto four year cycles with up to a 14 to16 year intervals per Griffiths.

“This project represented a fantastic opportunity for Cooper Lighting to not only showcase one of our great products, but to also prove that LED products can be used for a variety of applications,” said Cooper Lighting President Mark Eubanks. “The testing shows that our Ventus LED fixtures, when used in both 80-foot as well as 100-foot high-mast applications, are comparable to the legacy HPS technology. Additionally, these products offer added savings and energy-efficiency to any application.”

All Ventus LED fixtures are designed to provide uncompromising optical performance and outstanding versatility for a wide range of applications. They feature patented modular LightBAR™ technologywith the patented AccuLED Optics™ system that delivers uniform and energy conscious illumination. All optics are precisely designed to shape the distribution in order to maximize efficiency and application spacing. The system creates consistent distributions and offer the scalability needed to meet customized applications and requirements.

“In addition to satisfying our project requirements, this installation has also proven that LED solutions can, and should be used for high-mast applications. We look forward to our next project and the opportunity to work with Cooper Lighting,”said Griffiths.

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