Cooper Instruments & Systems Announces Updates to Mark-10 Product Line

Warrenton, VA - Cooper Instruments & Systems announced on Monday that new products have been added to the Mark-10 line of electronic force gauges to replace some older models. Cooper has been a long-time distributor of Mark-10 products. In some cases, the older version of the gauge, like the BGI, will not be sold after the end of 2012, but the updated models are available for purchase now. Cooper Instruments' President, Rex Cooper, says "Mark-10 has recently introduced some exciting new instruments to their line of products and made improvements to some of their best-selling gauges. We're excited to bring these new products to our customers."

Introducing the 3i and 5i Series of digital force gauges:

The new Series 5i Advanced Force/Torque Indicator will be replacing the popular BGI gauge. In addition, Mark-10 has introduced the 3i Basic Force/Torque Indicator. The 3i is a smaller and more basic version of the Series 5i. Among its many features, the 5i offers: accuracy of ±0.1%, sensor password protection, 7,000 Hz sampling rate, and data output via USB, RS-232, Mitutoyo and Analog. In comparison, the 3i offers: ±0.2%, a 2,000 Hz sampling rate, and data output via USB only. Both of these indicators work with new Plug & Test(TM) technology, which allows all calibration and configuration data to be stored within the sensor's smart connector instead of the indicator, making true interchangeability of sensors possible.

Introducing the Series 3:

The Series 3 Digital Force Gauge replaces the old MG model and is designed to measure both tension and compression. Featuring a sampling rate of 2,000 Hz, a backlit graphic LCD display, and an ergonomic, reversible aluminum housing that allows for hand-held use or test stand mounting, the Series 3 can be used for testing in numerous applications from 0.12 lbF to 500 lbF.

Introducing Series 4 and Series 5:

The Series 4 (which replaces the old model EG) and the Series 5 (which replaces the old models BG and CG) are designed to measure tension and compression in ranges from 0.12 to 500 pounds. Though similar in many ways, they differ in their sampling rate, resolution and amount of on-board memory.

Cooper Instruments & Systems is a worldwide leading supplier of force and pressure measurement instrumentation, sensor systems and custom calibration services. Since opening for business in 1988, their products and systems have been used extensively around the globe.

For more information about Mark-10 electronic force gauges or Cooper Instruments & Systems, please contact Rex Cooper at (800) 344-3921 or email

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