Cooling Water Treatment Technology enables responsible water management.

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Designed to work with TrueSense automation, process control, and knowledge management platform, GenGard 8000 offers capability to use lower quality water in cooling process while avoiding corrosion and fouling problems. Incorporated deposit and corrosion additives can eliminate need for sulfuric acid for pH control. Product is halogen-stable, allowing use in conjunction with biocide programs, and includes stress tolerant polymer that optimizes control of mineral scale and corrosion.

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GE's Next Generation Cooling Water Technology Brings Cost and Water Savings to Industrial Users

  • Upgraded GenGard Technology is Expanded to Work in Even Tougher Conditions
  • New Product to Play Important Role in Responsible Water Management

    TREVOSE, Pa.-- With rising energy costs and strains on capacity, industrial facilities are pressed to do more with less, striving to optimize efficiency while keeping costs to a minimum. Responding to these requirements, GE (NYSE: GE) today introduced its latest cooling water technology, GenGard 8000. GenGard 8000 offers the capability to use lower quality water in the cooling process, while avoiding corrosion and fouling problems. This provides savings in operating costs and improves the efficiency of the cooling system, which results in greater production output, water conservation and the ability to use alternative water sources.

    This new technology is an extension of the existing GenGard product line that covers the full spectrum of water conditions, ensuring reliable results even in the toughest operating conditions. The next generation of GenGard also will reduce the need for sulfuric acid in cooling water systems, minimizing the impact on the environment.

    Industrial facilities consume large amounts of water to cool process equipment, resulting in a critical need for cooling water systems that can reuse the same water repeatedly in the process. Corrosion and microbiological fouling must be controlled to ensure safe, reliable and efficient operation of cooling systems.

    The new GenGard chemistry expands GE's water treatment product line into the full pH spectrum, from neutral to alkaline cooling water applications, ensuring reliable results. Incorporating the most advanced deposit and corrosion additives available, GenGard 8000 can, in many cases, eliminate the need for sulfuric acid for pH control. This reduction or elimination of acid usage at industrial facilities not only helps to reduce operational costs and increase environmental benefits, but it also makes GE's innovative GenGard chemistry a technology that is available to customers ahead of industry regulations requiring acid reduction.

    "With water consumption increasing on a global level, GE continues to invest in next generation technologies and innovative solutions to address global water challenges and help create a more sustainable environment," said Nancy White, product line general manager-chemical and monitoring solutions, water and process technologies for GE Power & Water. "This next generation of GenGard chemistry is a robust treatment program that helps customers meet their specific requirements and allows them to do more with existing resources."

    GenGard 8000 will continue to have the characteristics of the original GenGard chemistry family. GenGard is halogen stable, allowing it to be used in conjunction with the most cost-effective biocide programs. In addition, the patented GenGard technology includes a stress tolerant polymer (STP). STP is a very forgiving chemistry that offers excellent control of mineral scale and corrosion.

    The GenGard product family is designed to work in conjunction with GE's most advanced automation, process control and knowledge management platform, TrueSense. The synergy between these two technologies enables optimal performance of cooling water systems with forgiving chemistry that performs even in the toughest conditions.

    GenGard 8000 is commercially available immediately in North America with other markets around the world to follow shortly.

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