Coolant Pump handles up to 1,000 psi pressure.

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Suited for turning, milling, and grinding applications, MP-B series high-pressure coolant pumps use Hydra-Cell® diaphragm technology. Rugged, fixed, or variable volume pumps are built to handle abrasive particles found in machine tool coolant. In lathe and mill applications, pumps remove chips from even deep and blind holes, and also reduce cyclic cooling in milling applications. Units keep wheels free of swarf build-up and optimally cooled in grinding application.

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New High-Pressure Coolant Pumps for Turning, Milling, Grinding Applications Use Hydra-Cell® Technology

[WINDSOR, CT - NOVEMBER 2007] New high-pressure coolant pumps, the "MP-B" series, use the proven Hydra-Cell® diaphragm pump. This patented, hydraulically balanced design reduces maintenance costs because there are no packings, cups, or seals. This rugged, fixed or variable volume pump is built to handle the abrasive particles found in machine tool coolant that can wear out conventional centrifugal, screw, or piston pumps. In lathe and mill applications, this pump effectively removes chips from even deep and blind holes and reduces "cyclic cooling" in milling applications. Cyclic cooling occurs when steam is produced and creates a boundary layer, which interferes with coolant effectively reaching the tool/workpiece interface. In grinding, the MP-B's high-pressure (1,000-psi) keeps the wheels free of swarf build-up and optimally cooled, again by breaking the boundary layer created by the wheels high speed, and giving the successful result of increased wheel life and metal removal rates.

Further, the MP-B's positive displacement design allows users to adjust the flow rate by changing the speed of the pump shaft. This is a helpful feature when using tools with different coolant flow requirements. The unit is portable on sturdy locking castors, so that operators can easily move it when necessary, even with the 50-gallon reservoir filled. MP-B pumps have electrical components manufactured by Sprecher + Schuh, a Swiss company, and are certified to the highest standards including UL, CSA, and CE. All of the machine components, including twin filters, are housed conveniently and neatly inside the cabinet assembly.

MP pumps are available for a full range of diverse applications from the website, 800-808-1020, and MP Systems, 860-462-8984.


Kermit Wright

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