Conveyors provide high-speed UV light curing.

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Suited for curing UV resins, adhesives, sealants, and coatings, Series UVCS can be equipped with up to 4 DYMAX 5000-EC lamps or up to 2 FUSION® F300S lamps, for 6 or 12 in. wide curing. Running at speeds from 1-80 fpm, conveyors offer complete shielding and are equipped with exhaust fan and stack to minimize part temperature. Integral vacuum hold-down and cooling system assures parts stay on belt, despite more than 750 cfm of cooling airflow.

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New Versatile UV Light Curing Conveyors Offer High Speed Curing And Design Flexibility

New UVCS Series conveyors from DYMAX are designed for fast curing of UV resins, adhesives, sealants and coatings and provide reliable, consistent light curing performance in a wide variety of applications.

UVCS conveyors can be equipped with up to four DYMAX 5000-EC lamps, or up to two FUSION® F300S lamps, for either 6" or 12" wide curing. Both 5000-EC and FUSION F300S lamps are available with shortwave (Mercury) or long wave (metal halide) bulbs. Standard height clearance is four inches; optional risers increase clearance to either 6 or 10 inches. The conveyors are also available with guides to channel parts beneath the lamp in 6" wide curing applications and are capable of running at speeds from 1 to 80 feet/minute. UVCS conveyors may be purchased without lamps for custcmers who already have the appropriate model DYMAX or FUSION F300S lamps.

Rugged, durable DYMAX conveyors are designed for frequent and repeated use in the typical manufacturing environment. They offer complete shielding and are equipped with an exhaust fan and stack to minimize part temperature and maximize bulb life. The integral vacuum hold-down and cooling system design assures parts stay on the belt, despite >750 cfm of cooling airflow. The lamp-to-belt distance is easily adjustable to optimize curing conditions for different applications. Belt speed is measured using and optical encoder and displayed on an LCD.

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