Conveyors can carry loads up to 660 lb.

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With king shaft powered roller design requiring no lubrication, TS 5 conveyors are designed for variety of flexible assembly and material transport applications for both automated and manual assembly operations. Available in 3 widths, configurable system can transport goods either on workpiece pallet or directly on continuous roller conveyor. Curves allow system to branch off to right or to left for variety of conveyor system layouts.

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Rexroth TS 5 Conveyor Transports up to 660 lb

March 13, 2009

(Buchanan, MI - The new TS 5 transfer system from Bosch Rexroth's Linear Motion and Assembly Technologies group introduces a new class of conveyor to the market. The system features an incredibly robust design, suitable for harsh production environments and heavy transport of loads up to 300 kg (660 lb.).

Rexroth's TS 5 conveyors boast a highly energy efficient drive system and quiet, maintenance-free operation with a "king shaft" powered roller design that requires no lubrication, resulting in greater system uptime. The TS 5 system can be configured to transport goods either on a workpiece pallet or directly on a continuous roller conveyor, and is available in three widths. Curves are separate, self-contained units that allow the system to branch off to the right or to the left to achieve a wide variety of conveyor system layouts.

Users can plan and implement a TS 5 transfer system that is perfectly matched to the unique requirements of their application, thanks to Rexroth's comprehensive selection of conveyor system components: drive modules, workpiece pallets, roller sections, curves, diverters, positioning units and components for traffic control.

All TS 5 components are included in Bosch Rexroth's MTpro software program so that customers can configure the system and generate a parts list automatically, considerably simplifying the entire planning process. All components are modular, preassembled and can be combined as needed using a single interface, allowing for easy system expansion or reconfiguration in the future. The TS 5 is an economical choice thanks to low purchase, start-up, and operating costs throughout the life of the system.

TS 5 conveyors extend Rexroth's industry-leading TS family of modular conveyors, designed for a wide range of flexible assembly and material transport applications for both automated and manual assembly operations.

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