Conveyor System promotes access to assemblies.

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Quiet-running, non-sparking extruded aluminum Transept Series(TM) features shielded enclosure and low-profile, reconfigurable monorail cross-section. System path layouts include 90° and 180° turntables, index/accumulate storage banks, line bypass modules, over/under configuration, elevator and lowerator sections, pass-through gates, and bridges. Series offers travel or dwell, controlled, non-synchronous operation, carrying individual unit loads as heavy as 500 lb at speeds to 98.5 fpm.

Original Press Release:

Low Profile, Work-in-Process Conveyor System

Travel or dwell, controlled, non-synchronous operation is fast, safe and quiet

A uniquely different conveyor concept being introduced by Northwood Automation combines many valuable features: oEasy product access for assembly, oClean lines and shielded enclosure for worker safety, oQuiet, non-sparking extruded aluminum, o Low Profile monorail cross-section is easily reconfigured oSystem path layouts include 90° & 180° turntables, index/accumulate storage banks, line bypass modules, over/under configuration, elevator and lowerator sections, pass-through gates and bridges.

Transept TM Series is the name of the new conveyor system from Northwood Automation that carries individual unit loads as heavy as 500 lbs at speeds up to 98.5 FPM. Each shuttle (load carriage) has eight(8)load bearing wheels and eight(8)side guide rollers. This shuttle and track design allows a part fixture to overhang the shuttle, allowing greater access to the assembly. The part fixture may also be cantilevered to allow easier part manipulation and flexibility of assembly orientation.

The Transept TM Series patented dual-drive system provides positive transport throughout line switches, onto lift sections, turntables and storage loadbanks - for all load carriage (shuttle) lengths. Load carriage (shuttle) lengths from 1'-8" long to 10'-0 are available, operating within an overall conveyor envelope, track height as low as 1'-9" from floor to top of carriage. An enclosed chain path provides safe operation and propels loads with minimum power consumption for economical operation.

A Northwood Automation spokesperson said the new Transept TM Series was conceived to meet requirements of diverse production applications in such industries as: Appliances, Automotive sub-assemblies, Computers, Electrical Apparatus, Electronics, Furniture, Marine & On/Off Road Recreational Vehicles. Benefits claimed include: oImproved ROI on peripheral assembly tools and test stations, oImproved ergonomics for assembly line workers. oImproved ultimate product quality. Northwood designs and installs complete systems based on the Transept TM Series concept and customer need.

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