Conveyor Rollers suit food processing industry.

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Series 1700 Rollers feature labyrinth seals molded to eject water in washdown areas. Tubes are available in stainless steel in 1.9 in. diameter and PVC in 2.50 or 3.50 in. diameter. Stainless steel bearings offer corrosion resistance, while hexagonal shafts enable retrofitting. Shafts come in steel and stainless steel in .437 in. hex and .500 in. round with variety of configurations. Rollers are suited for gravity and powered applications.

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Interroll Provides Rollers for Food Processing Industry

WILMINGTON, N.C. (September 12, 2003) - Serving the food processing and food handling industries, Interroll Corp. now provides the 1700 Series conveyor roller. The roller is designed with special labyrinth seals molded to eject water in areas where washdown is a consideration.

"Components used in food processing applications must adhere to very high standards of cleanliness in product handling," said Conveyor Components Product Manager, Kim Hagan. "Interroll has built upon its superior conveyor roller design to make it durable enough to withstand the harsh conditions of food processing and damp, humid environments."

1700 Series rollers are manufactured with a variety of tube choices - stainless steel and PVC being used most often in food applications. Its stainless steel bearings offer corrosion resistance (also offered in commercial and precision bearings), while hexagonal shafts enable quick-installation and retrofitting. 1700 Series food rollers are ideal for both gravity and powered applications as well as accompaniment to motor drives.

1700 Series rollers for food processing are available in 1.9" diameter (stainless steel), 2.50" and 3.50" diameter (PVC) and a variety of lengths. Additionally, shafts are available in steel and stainless steel in .437" hex and .500" round with a variety of configurations.

For more information about Interroll's 1700 Series rollers call 1-800-830-9680, or fax 910-799-9646 or visit

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