Conveyor Belting has USDA approval.

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Offered with 1 in. pitch to allow tight transfer, S-MPB Single Link(TM) belting is designed to reduce bacteria growth and optimize cleaning. Features include 0.20 in. pin dia, standard belt width of 20 in., backflex radius of 0.91 in., and lockpin locking system. Smaller width belts are available on request. Plastic belt has been issued the USDA Equipment Acceptance Certificate for meeting the NSF-3A-14159-003 hygiene requirements standard in meat and poultry processing.

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uni S-MPB Single Link(TM)

Another innovation from uni-chains for improved food conveyors:
1 in. pitch belt with a total focus on cleanability

o Full-width one piece design
o Designed for optimal cleaning
o Designed to reduce bacteria growth
o The reinforcement bar ensures high impact resistance
o Stable and secure conveying

uni-chains introduces the worlds first 1 in. pitch Single Link(TM)

Demands on conveyors and machinery in the food industry are constantly increasing. The focus is aimed more and more at clean design. In cooperation with several OEM's in the food industry uni-chains has developed the new uni S-MPB Single Link(TM). With a small 1 in. pitch it was designed with all the benefits of the 2 in. pitch uni MPB Single Link(TM).

uni S-MPB Single Link(TM) is easy to disinfect. The directional joints, where bacteria can grow, are eliminated throughout the belt width. The surface is stiffer and the impact resistance is improved. A tighter transfer is possible due to the small pitch. The perfect solution for transporting food.

Pitch: 25.4 mm (1.00 in.)
Pin diameter: 5.0 mm (0.20 in.)
Standard belt width: 507 mm (20 in.)
Smaller widths are available upon request.
Straight running
Backflex radius: 23.0 mm (0.91 in.)
Locking system: Lockpin

uni-chains, a global leader in the conveyor system industry, is moving to customer installations of its new MPB Closed Top Belt that gained USDA acceptance on April 12, 2005 the patented uni MPB Closed Top Belt became the first and only modular plastic belt to be issued the USDA Equipment Acceptance Certificate for meeting the NSF hygiene requirements standard in meat and poultry processing. This belt represents material improvement in providing a clean system for food processing compared to previous products that had many small crevices that were difficult to keep sterile.

This certification has been issued in compliance with NSF-3A-14159-003: Hygiene requirements for the design of mechanical belt conveyors used in meat and poultry processing. This certification program has replaced the one formerly operated by the Food Safety and Inspection Services branch of USDA that was discontinued in September of 1997. The acceptance covers the following products:

There are modular plastic belts that have received USDA Meat and Poultry Equipment acceptance before 1997, but uni MPB is the only modular plastic belt to meet the new standard that was adopted in 2003. At least one competitor has tried and failed to meet this new standard. The most notable difference is the following:

The previous test was based only on design and geometry of the belt. The new test is a performance test based on actual cleanability of the belt. This test has been conducted by the NSF specifically for meat and poultry applications.

uni-chains company profile

uni-chains is a leading innovator, manufacturer and supplier of
o slat-top, snap-on and special chains in steel and plastic
o modular belt systems
o conveyor accessories

We manufacture the widest selection of products, standard or custom-made, for internal transport in the food, beverage, packaging, automotive, corrugated and many other industries primarily with our own company patented products and processes.

Headquartered in Denmark where the company was founded in 1968, uni-chains has major presence in all of Europe and the United States with distributor relationships covering the globe. uni-chains is ISO 9001 certified.

uni-chains Manufacturing Inc.
500 Brentwood Drive
Reading, PA 19611
Tel: (610)-372-1800, (800)-937-2864
Fax: (610)-372-3590
Contact: Holli Musante

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