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Available in the FDA-conforming polypropylene and polyacetal, HabasitLINK® M3843 Tight Radius 1.5 in. Belt minimizes both polygon effect endemic to modular belts and size gap between adjacent conveyors. With collapse factor of 1.6, side-flexing belt allows extreme tight turns. T-bar design of individual module's cross rib imparts high lateral stiffness. With open area of 37% and open contact area of 65%, belt provides generous passages for cooling air or draining water.

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Habasit Launches the Only 1.5 Inch Tight Radius Belt for Limited Space on the Market

Habasit, the world's leading lightweight conveyor belt manufacturer, has added the new M3843 Tight Radius 1.5" to its HabasitLINK® plastic modular belt range. It is the only 1.5" Tight Radius belt on the market.

Compared to 2" Radius belts, the HabasitLINK® M3843 Tight Radius belt's smaller linear pitch minimizes both the polygon effect endemic to all modular belts and the size of the gap between adjacent conveyors, thereby improving product transfers. In spite of its smaller linear pitch, the strength of the M3843 Tight Radius 1.5" compares favorably to typical 2" pitch radius belts.

The new M3843 Tight Radius 1.5" is a very strong, side-flexing belt with a small collapse factor of 1.6 that allows extremely tight turns and requires 30 percent less plant floor space than typical belts with a larger collapse factor of 2.2. It is ideally suited for wide spiral conveyors - both new installations and steel belt retrofits. The patented T-bar design of the individual module's cross rib (corrugated rib on bottom, larger and straight on top) imparts a high lateral stiffness to the entire belt, thereby providing for stable belt travel around curves. Accessories such as flights and snap-on side guards are also available.

With an open area of 37 percent and an open contact area of 65 percent, the belt provides generous passages for cooling air or draining water. At the same time, the ample and smooth contact surface (completely free of mold markings) offers ideal conditions for avoiding imprints even on soft products. The contoured design of the belt's individual modules and this special surface allow for the easy removal of debris and product residues, which results in reduced cleaning time.

M3843 Tight Radius 1.5" is ideally suited for applications where change in direction is required and conveying floor space is limited. It's unique design makes it suitable for direct food contact applications in food processing facilities, such as bakery, seafood, meat, poultry, fruit and vegetable, and dairy plants. The belt's excellent strength makes it optimally suited for heavy material handling applications and permits the use of fewer drives, thereby allowing for fewer transfers between conveyors.

M3843 Tight Radius 1.5" is available in the FDA-conforming materials Polypropylene and Polyacetal.

For more information on HabasitLINK®, including the new M3843 Tight Radius 1.5", please visit or contact your Habasit representative today.

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