Conveying System takes up minimum amount of floor space.

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Utilizing image processing and matrix of several belt conveyors, Visicon Singulator is designed to singulate items with appropriate gap between them and to align them for further sortation downstream. System can singulate up to 9,000 items/hr continuously without recirculation, minimizing required floor space. Software-based control system makes it possible to stipulate important singulation parameters such as gapping, orientation, and left or right take-away direction.

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Singulation in Minimum Space with the Visicon Singulator from Siemens

At the ProMat show in Chicago in January 2009, Siemens Mobility introduced its new Visicon Singulator. This conveying system can singulate up to 9,000 items per hour continuously without recirculation and thus takes up only a minimum amount of floor space. In this form, it is completely new on the market.

The system Visicon Singulator works with image processing and a special matrix of several belt conveyors in order to singulate items with an appropriate gap between them and to align them for further sortation further downstream. Visicon only needs a fraction of the floor space required by conventional, purely mechanical singulators. The main components are a camera system and a matrix-shaped arrangement of narrow belts that can be separately controlled. The camera system continually detects the actual position of the packages and parcels. Mathematical calculations are used to determine the number of belts needed, their respective speeds and time needed to bring each package into its desired individual position so that it can then be conveyed further along its intended route. The software-based control system makes it possible to flexibly stipulate important singulation parameters such as gapping, orientation and take-away direction (to the right or to the left). Packages can be aligned lengthwise or crosswise. The Visicon Singulator monitors and controls the conveying speed and the alignment of each item and can be individually adapted to different systems and applications. What is so remarkable about the system is the extremely gentle way in which it handles the items. Maintenance of the Visicon singulator is uncomplicated, for the belt conveyor elements are very easy to replace.

Additional functions such as address scanning or dimension capturing can also be implemented and, given that the modules are pretested and preassembled in the factory, local installation and commissioning times are reduced to a minimum.
The Visicon Singulator from Siemens is the ideal singulation solution for customers with only a small amount of available floor space.

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