Convertech, Inc.'s Redesigned GripLock(TM) Rollers Give its Air Roll Lock Differential Shaft Extra Speed and Precision in Differential Winding Applications

WHARTON, New Jersey - January 5th 2010 - Convertech, Inc.'s redesigned GripLock(TM) Rollers give its Air Roll Lock Differential Shaft extra speed and precision in differential winding applications.

With easy loading and precision tension control, Convertech's unique approach to differential winding gives converters a superior finished product. No slip, no side to side movement, no wobble, and no core-dusting: this Air Roll Lock Differential Shaft is more effective and clean than any other in the converting industry.

GripLock(TM) rollers allow free lateral movement of heavy rolls along the length of the shaft. Even at wide web lengths (up to 150 inches) the redesigned rollers make loading and unloading heavy rolls easier for a single operator. The unique design of these rollers ensures precision control with a minimum of effort.

Updates to Convertech's differential shaft also allow it to slit down to ½ inch at tensions from under .15 PLI. The new updates beat the Tidland D4 Differential shaft in performance, and the delivery time of just a few weeks leaves Tidland in the dust.

Continuing to deliver core shafts and chucks faster than anyone else in the industry, Convertech easily outperforms the competition with delivery times of just a few weeks. During challenging economic times, expedited delivery (at no extra cost) can be a tremendous cost-saving measure for converters and OEMs.

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