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Converteam Mission-Critical Equipment Achieves Testing Milestone at U.S. Navy Test Site

PITTSBURGH - Power conversion specialist Converteam in partnership with the U.S. Navy have successfully tested the DDG 1000's high voltage Integrated Power System (IPS) (1) to full power at the Land Based Test Site located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

DDG 1000 is the first U.S. Navy surface combatant to leverage this technology -- an all-electric architecture providing electric power for both propulsion and ship services. As the integrated power systems provider, Converteam is responsible for the entire program's high voltage system design, commissioning and testing at the land based test site.

The test demonstrated full power operations of the IPS, which is a major milestone prior to delivery of equipment to the ship. The technology tested involved one of two shipboard shaft lines; one main and one auxiliary gas turbine generator set, all four high voltage switchboards, harmonic filters, two of four shipboard electrical zones of the Integrated Fight Through Power (IFTP) conversion equipment, and one of the two propulsion tandem advanced induction motors with their associated variable speed drives. Of this scope, Converteam supplied systems integration knowhow and hardware which includes the propulsion motors, variable speed drives, high voltage switchboards and harmonic filters for the main and auxiliary turbine-generators.

"Converteam's expertise in system integration and equipment design has been further demonstrated through this milestone. Our people are providing the Navy with the technology and dedicated support essential to enable their mission at any time and in any location," states Paul Thompson, Converteam Inc's VP of Navy Business & Government Affairs.

DDG 1000 will be a multi-mission surface combatant designed to fulfill long-range land attack requirements. Armed with an array of weapons, DDG 1000 will provide offensive, distributed and precision fires in support of forces ashore.

(1) An IPS generates the total ship electric power requirements, then distributes and converts it for all ship loads, including electric propulsion, combat systems and ship services. This unique architecture provides improvements in ship survivability, design flexibility, reduced signatures, and the potential of reduced life cycle and operational costs.

Converteam in the Marine Market

As a power conversion specialist, Converteam is a leader in the electrification of the marine Industry supplying the most advanced technologies in power generation and distribution, electric propulsion, vessel automation, dynamic positioning, power management and control systems to merchant marine vessels such as cruise-liners, LNG carriers or research vessels and to Naval ships. Converteam supplied the first LNG carrier ever equipped with electric propulsion. For the last 30 years Converteam has partnered the U.S., UK and French Navies for militarized, low noise signature, integrated full electric propulsion systems installed on the most advanced generations of warships such as destroyers, frigates or aircraft carriers and on logistic vessels.

About Converteam

The Converteam Group is a world leader in power conversion engineering. Building on over a century of experience, it is firmly placed at the leading edge of technology and innovation with a global reputation for excellence in the conversion of electrical energy. Converteam develops and provides solutions built around three core components: electrical machines, variable speed drives, automation and process control. It serves specialized sectors as well as its six core markets in Renewables, Power Generation, Oil & Gas and Offshore, Marine, Industry and Services. With over 5,300 staff members in 17 countries, Converteam Group provides power conversion solutions worldwide in over 80 countries. In 2010 sales totaled 1,093M euro with a year-end Order Backlog of 1,183M euro.

Converteam's North American operation (Converteam Inc.) is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, employing over 500 people, with offices in Minneapolis (MN), Miami (FL), Houston (TX), Houma (LA), and Burlington and Vancouver, Canada. For more information, visit


Converteam Inc.

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