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Conversion Kits are available for aging bill acceptors.

Press Release Summary:

Oct 30, 2012 - Available for System 500, 500-E, and 600-FST bill acceptors, SC-MAX Conversion Kits allow in-place conversion of existing SC series cabinets with OEM bill acceptors manufactured by MEI (Mars) and Coinco. Included SC-MAX Controller, taking place of Keypad (System 500) or handheld Data Terminal (System 600), has blue LCD with 4-button input and provides majority of programming, diagnostic, and audit feedback functionality of former devices. Necessary brackets and hardware are also included.

Standard Change-Makers - Indianapolis, IN

Original Press Release

SC-MAX Conversion Kits Available for Aging System 500/600 Bill Acceptors

Press release date: Oct 15, 2012

INDIANAPOLIS, IN -- Standard Change-Makers, Inc., a leading manufacturer of currency change machines, payment kiosks and alternative payment solutions for coin laundries announces that the SC-MAX CONVERSION KITS are now available in the U.S. and Canada for aging System 500, 500-E, & 600-FST bill acceptors.

Since announcing the discontinuation of the System 600 series changers in July, Standard Change-Makers has been working on the conversion kit design to allow in-place conversion of existing SC series cabinets with O.E.M. bill acceptors manufactured by MEI (Mars) and Coinco.

The SC-MAX Conversion Kits feature the SC-MAX Controller, a device that takes the place of the old Keypad (System 500) or handheld Data Terminal (System 600), that features a blue LCD display with 4-button input and provides most of the programming, diagnostic and audit feedback that the former devices provided. The SC-MAX Controller also provides all the cable and wiring connections needed for the conversion to the O.E.M. bill acceptors.

The SC-MAX Conversion Kit includes all the brackets and hardware needed to convert your machines, including detailed instructions. We estimate that it will take someone with minimal technical knowledge about 30-45 minutes to remove the older components and successfully install the conversion kit parts. Priced at $1,295.00 for Coinco Kit and $1,380.00 for MEI Kit.

Standard Change-Makers will provide any SC Series changer model on a special order basis. Because we will continue to provide service support for these products for many years to come, we will offer to build a machine and ship it to those distributors and customers that prefer the System 600-EF product design. The lead-time for these special orders is 4-6 weeks ARO and you should contact the factory for pricing information.

If you would like more information on our SC-MAX Conversion Kits please visit our web site: