Conversion Kit makes sound meter weatherproof.

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Resistant to chemicals and particulate, Outdoor Measurement System Conversion Kit for SoundPro DLX Hand Held Sound Level Meter facilitates capture of environmental noise data. Weatherproof case provides environmental protection, and battery provides power for up to one week of continuous operation. To protect against theft and vandalism, design enables use of padlocks and cables to secure unit to stationary object.

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Quest Technologies Introduces the SoundPro® DLX Outdoor Measurement System Conversion Kit

Do Wind, Rain, Snow, Chemicals, Particulates, Animals, Tampering, Vandalism and Theft keep you from Capturing the Environmental Noise Data you Require?

Oconomowoc, WI, February 1, 2005: Quest Technologies Inc, an employee-owned world leader in the development and manufacture of monitoring instrumentation and software for occupational and environmental health & safety (OEHS) applications, announces the release of the Outdoor Measurement System Conversion Kit for the SoundPro DLX Hand Held Sound Level Meter & Real-Time Analyzer. The assessment of environmental noise within the community or industrial workplace typically requires that you capture an uninterrupted history of noise data for a temporary but extended period of time. This situation can be challenging and costly when applying conventional measurement instrumentation to this task. Your very costly noise measurement studies and instrumentation may be at risk to disruption or damage from exposure to wind, rain, snow, chemicals, particulates, animals, tampering, vandalism and/or theft. Conventional meters are also likely to lack the power capacity to run continuously for extended time periods. Quest Technologies releases the SoundPro DLX Outdoor Measurement System Conversion Kit as a tool for substantially reducing or eliminating the many risks presented above. The weatherproof case not only provides environmental protection, but provides enough battery power for up to one week of continuous operation. Provisions exist in the case design to allow customer-supplied padlocks and cables to be used to lock the case and secure to a stationary object. For more information, please contact Quest Technologies for your free product brochure.

About Quest Technologies

Founded in 1946, Quest Technologies Incorporated is one of the most widely recognized and respected names worldwide for safety & industrial hygiene instrumentation and software. We are a multi-brand, employee-owned company marketing our products through select independent distributors in over 50 countries worldwide. Our expertise is instrumentation and software and supporting calibration, rental and educational seminar services associated with monitoring and evaluation of occupational and environmental health & safety hazards. Our customers use our products in applications that currently include noise, vibration, heat stress, thermal comfort, indoor air quality and toxic/combustible gases. Our Quest and Metrosonics brands are used extensively in military, mining, research, enforcement, insurance, consulting, educational, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and sports medicine markets. The Metrosonics brand offers a broad array of "Simple Solutions At Affordable Prices", while our Quest brand offers "The System Solution" to all your monitoring and data analysis requirements. For more information about Quest and Metrosonics, please visit and

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