Controller provides modular, remote automation solution.

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TBOX-MS integrates telemetry, PLC automation, and 3 levels of TCP/IP Internet compatibility. Based on backplane rack architecture, unit accepts cards such as power supply, CPU, I/O, modems, serial ports, Ethernet, and GPS. TwinSoft(TM) configuration software contains tools to create telemetry functions, and PLC functions are programmable by ladder diagram, high-level Basic, or C. Internet features include embedded web server, alarms &/or statistical reports by e-mail, and FTP.

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New Modular TBOX-MS(TM) Introduced In USA

TBOX-MS offers the Best of 3 Worlds

The World of Telemetry; The World of Internet; The World of Automation

SOUTHAMPTON, PA - TelemetrySCADA, an affiliate of Princo Instruments, Inc., introduces the TBOX-MS, a modular, high power, and flexible remote automation solution. The TBOX-MS is based on the original TBOX concept that integrates the flexibility of Telemetry, the capabilities of PLC Automation, and the power of the Internet.

TBOX-MS Telemetry enables remote event monitoring, alarm management, multi-communications, and interfacing with all types of local equipment. The TwinSoft(TM) configuration software is user friendly and contains all tools needed to create the Telemetry functions. By comparison, Telemetry is typically difficult and laborious to program and set-up in the world of the standard industrial PLC.

TBOX-MS functions as a PLC with computing power that enables the simplest to the most sophisticated remote process Automation. TBOX-MS supports programming by ladder diagram, high-level 'Basic' type language or even 'C'.

TBOX-MS has TCP/IP Internet compatibility on three levels: embedded WEB server, alarms &/or statistical reports by e-mail, and file transfer by FTP. TBOX-MS is capable of directly managing the Internet communication without a separate communication front-end. Additionally, TBOX-MS has an embedded Mini SCADA web server, that enables a remote site to be supervised simply using MS Internet Explorer.

The online dynamic display of station information, the status of alarms and their acknowledgement, the display of historic trend curves, etc, and even system programming can be made available anywhere in the world. Security is assured through several levels of password protection.

Equipped with the most powerful processors on the market, TBOX-MS is the flagship of TBOX remote automation solutions. Techno Trade, the Belgian manufacturer, has created TBOX-MS based on its of more than 15 years of TBOX experience and 25,000 installations in the European market.

TBOX-MS is a modular product based on a back plane rack architecture - available in different sizes (5, 10 or 15) - in which different types of cards can be inserted: power supply, CPU, input/output cards, modems (PSTN, GSM-GPRS, ISDN, etc), serial ports (RS232/RS485), Ethernet, GPS, etc.

Each assembly can easily be connected on Ethernet, available as standard, or RS485 network, thereby providing complete topological flexibility. The I/O cards support all standard industrial signals (digital inputs, relay outputs, 4-20 mA, 0-10V, temperature inputs, etc). Some cards also have inputs and outputs of different types to satisfy all space and cost constraints. The racks are attached directly to a DIN rail or a 19" bay, without requiring special tools.

For more information and technical specifications, contact Ken Loewenstern, TelemetrySCADA, 1020 Industrial Boulevard, Southampton, PA 18966.
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