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Dedicated Distributed Controller(TM) consists of 2 user-defined components. NEMA 4x main display panel includes up to six 22 mm operators, 12-position keypad, hard-wired Emergency Stop operator, LCD or vacuum fluorescent display, and C-programmable processor with flash memory. Second component consists of local or remote plug-in Smart Interface Modules and system power supply. System uses Modbus for internal communications; external communications are accommodated as plug-in modules.

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New Dedicated Distributed Controller(TM) from BTR Controls Offers OEM's a Proprietary Control Design - Reducing Costs and Enhancing the Features and Functionality of Their Equipment

Elgin, Illinois, June 6, 2003 - BTR Controls, Inc. a developer and manufacturer of custom integrated operator interface controllers today announced the introduction of the Dedicated Distributed Controller(TM) (DDC). The DDC is a pre-engineered flexible system of operator interface including 22mm operators, local or remote I/O and main control that is customized for specific OEM applications.

The DDC has been developed to help original equipment manufacturers lower installed costs while enhancing equipment features and functions by taking advantage of the latest advancements in control system architectures. "The increased use of electronics utilizing lower cost microprocessors and available communication network technology is revolutionizing how control systems are designed and function today", according to Ron Seyk, president of BTR Controls. "Lower installed costs are the result of fewer components, easier installation, user-friendly diagnostics and less engineering content. Enhanced equipment features and functions might include automating processes that were previously manual, improving safety for personnel and equipment, expanding application and equipment diagnostics, increasing productivity and the elimination of process faults."

The DDC consists of two main customer defined components for simple integration in any equipment and application. The first, a main display panel rated NEMA 4X (IP 65) includes up to six rugged 22mm operators such as push buttons, pilot lights and selector switches; up to a twelve position keypad, a hard-wired Emergency Stop operator, an LCD or vacuum fluorescent display and a "C" programmable processor with flash memory. Most electrical connections are on printed circuit boards for reliable operation and "error-proof" assembly. The second component is made up of local or remote plug-in Smart Interface Modules and system power supply. These modules include digital or analog I/O, power I/O, thermocouple, encoder and special functions for proprietary control options.

The system uses Modbus for internal communications. External industrial communication schemes such as DeviceNet and Fieldbus can be accommodated as optional plug-in modules.

The ease of installation and the intuitive diagnostics of the DDC will delight users. The individual Smart Interface Modules plug into a four or eight position DIN rail mounted board that is connected to the main display panel with a single plug-in cable. A pushbutton and LED (both programmable) for each input/output, multilingual full text message display and pilot lights to indicate status/fault conditions all simplify and speed troubleshooting - there is no need to interpret cryptic fault codes.

"The pre-engineered design platform and manufacturing systems allow the DDC to be a cost effective customized controller for small to midsize OEM's", says Mr. Seyk. "They can select and specify the needed options to perform specific functions required by their machine, process or diagnostic system - thus providing a proprietary control design. A custom graphical overlay gives the DDC a common look and feel to the associated equipment in which it is installed. OEM's are no longer subjected to feature and function constraints, product life cycles and obsolescence of "off-the-shelf" HMI, PLC's and I/O offered by major suppliers."

Lower installed costs, enhanced features, improved functionality and proprietary control design make the DDC ideal for use in control or diagnostic applications in many industries such as packaging, material handling, machine tool, waste handling, power, paper and bulk handling. This includes additional specific products like compressors, pumps, industrial doors, elevators, dock equipment, bailers, compactors and so many more.

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BTR Controls' vision is to provide a new level of service, product design, manufacturing capability and expertise to the OEM market. In addition to custom integrated operator interface controllers, BTR Controls offers electronic control design and build services in conjunction with electrical assembly services for large quantity production of electrical control panels. BTR Controls is strategically located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.

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