Control Valves withstand temperatures from -60° to 450°C.

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Available in sizes DN15-DN150 and with pure graphite packing, 470 series of flow control valves is suitable for processes with high flow, where high-pressure drop, varying load, or high turndown is needed. It comes in SG iron or cast steel and can be fitted with range of electric and pneumatic actuators. Internal parts, stem, plug, and seat can be replaced independently or in situ. Series is used for industrial installations, processing technology, and plant manufacturing.

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Flexibility and Reliability from Ari Armaturens 470 Series Control Valve

25th July 2006 - The 470 series control valve, from ARI-Armaturen, is a high performance valve with flexibility and reliability. Suitable for industrial installations, processing technology and plant manufacturing, it further extends their range of specialist control valves, and underpins the company's philosophy of being a one-stop-shop for controls and pipeline equipment.

The body of the 470, available in SG iron or cast steel, has been specially designed for optimum flow conditions and to minimise noise. It can be fitted with the comprehensive range of electric and pneumatic actuators and accessories available from ARI, and being quickly interchangeable enables OEMs to benefit from reduced stockholding.

Available in sizes DN15 to DN150 and with with its pure graphite packing, the ARI 470 control valve can withstand temperatures from -60°C up to 450°C. Its internal parts, the stem, plug and seat can be replaced independently or in situ.

Total flexibility means that the 470 series control valve's can be used across a wide range of applications, including processes using hot water, steam, and heat transfer oils where the option of a bellow sealed gland ensures reliable sealing. It is also suitable for processes with high flow, where a high-pressure drop is needed and where greatly varying load and high turndown is required.

The 470 series valves offer significant control advantages including;
o The seat and plug can be changed to suit specific plant requirements; this is particularly useful when processes are under development, or loads vary significantly at different times of the year
o Self-centering design which simplifies on-site changes
o May be soft seated (PTFE) for improved sealing on gases and low temperature fluids (leakage class VI according to IEC 60534-4)
o May be 'V' port and post-guided for high pressure drop applications
o May be perforated and post-guided where noise or cavitation is an issue
o May be balanced for very high differential pressures
o The spindle is extremely sturdy, which means that deflection is minimised, even with high flowrates and differential pressures; this means that control is accurate and repeatable with minimum hysterisis

About ARI Control Valves
The main function of a control valve is to control flow, however, this conflicts with shut-off tightness, and a compromise between maintaining an accurate valve characteristic at low flow, and shut-off tightness has to be reached. At high differential pressures even a small leakage rate will result in a substantial amount of fluid passing the valve, resulting in spoilt product and process difficulties. Recent developments in design and manufacturing techniques has meant that the shut-off tightness of ARI-Armaturen control valves has improved from Class IV to Class IV-S1 (according to IEC 60534-4), significantly reducing the leakage rate and associated problems.

About ARI-Armaturen
For more that 50 years ARI-Armaturen has been designing and manufacturing specialist valves used for isolating, securing, controlling and steam trapping across a wide range of industrial processes, from process engineering, chemicals, shipbuilding to building automation. Offering a one-stop solution for all valve requirements, customers can profit from the complete ARI range of butterfly valves, globe valves, control valves, safety valves, strainers/check valves, or steam traps. All designs undergo stringent in-house testing and the valves are renowned for their high operational safety and reliability based on leading-edge manufacturing technology. ARI-Armaturen offers speed, expertise and superior performance, based on the highest quality standards. The company boasts 10,000 products with more than 100,000 variants. For more information visit or call 01684 275572.

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