Control Valve System suits gas flow operations.

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GVP-100 all electric cage-guide control valve system suits low-power gas flow applications such as remote monitoring in gas production fields. System operates on solar panel and 12 Vdc battery system with digital actuator that employs gear-reduced, low-power brushless motor to minimize power requirements. DSP-based digital driver provides self-diagnostics, remote monitoring, and configuration, and valve design minimizes flow restriction for maximum capacity.

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Woodward Introduces GVP-100 Electric Control Valve System

First all-electric control valve designed for low-power applications

FT. COLLINS, Colorado, June 23, 2004 Woodward Industrial Controls today announced the introduction of the GVP-100, an advanced, fully integrated, electrically actuated control valve system. The GVP-100 is the first control valve specifically designed for low-power, remote gas flow control applications, such as remote monitoring in gas production fields.

An all-electric, high-efficiency, cage-guide control valve system, the GVP-100 simplifies and enhances natural gas production and distribution operations. The GVP-100 operates using a solar panel and 12 VDC battery system, making it well suited for the natural gas market where low power consumption is critical. The system's revolutionary valve and actuator design, as well as its robust monitoring and diagnostics capabilities, optimize well operations.

According to Woodward's Process Automation product manager, Andy Dieball, the GVP-100 is a true breakthrough for the oil and gas industry. "Users now have a solution to the drawbacks of traditional gas- or air-actuated control valve technology," said Dieball. "The GVP-100 is an all-electric control valve that consumes no gas for actuation, eliminates fugitive emissions and gas venting, minimizes downtime, and reduces service and maintenance costs."

The GVP-100's advanced digital actuator employs a gear-reduced, low-power brushless motor to minimize power requirements. This design allows for the use of simple solar charging and storage battery systems, while reducing power source costs and replacing expensive electric actuators. The GVP-100's DSP-based digital driver delivers performance benefits such as self-diagnostics, remote monitoring and configuration. Plus, its highly efficient valve design minimizes flow restriction for maximum capacity.

The GVP-100 addresses maintenance and regulatory issues associated with traditional valve technology. The all-electric GVP-100 does not require gas for actuation, and as such, eliminates environmental and safety concerns derived from venting gas to the atmosphere. Additionally, routine maintenance of pneumatic systems due to contamination and freezing is completely avoided.

The GVP-100's new, patented, pressurized stem seal technology provides significant improvement in the prevention of fugitive emissions as compared to standard valve packing systems. This results in huge savings for an operating facility to detect leaks and repair seals. Traditional valves utilize a packing gland type valve stem seal that must be constantly re-tightened, maintained, and tested for leaks. The GVP-100 design relies on low friction sealing components that allow the valve to exceed the federal and state fugitive emissions standards over a much longer period of time than the traditional stem seal solution. It avoids the common maintenance headache of packing re-tightening caused by packing gland aging.

The GVP-100 is a fully integrated control valve, actuator and digital positioning system that only requires power and a setpoint signal for operation. This integrated configuration eliminates the need for third-party control valve assembly, including mounting of accessories such as: I/Ps, regulators, pneumatic positioners, let-down regulators, instrument tubing and fittings, external linkages and brackets common in pneumatic systems.

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