Control System monitors up to 16 different channels.

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Crakker(TM) self-contained high-speed logic/timing analyzer monitors I/O points with voltage inputs ranging from 5Vdc to 400Vdc or to 280Vac. It monitors and records each voltage transition and stores information to memory. This information is downloaded into Crackker Communications v3.0 program and analyzed. Transisitions are as fast as 165uS. Software includes single window programming function with drop down input values.

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The Crakker(TM) From Logic Beach Cures The Headaches Caused By Control System Intermittents And First Outs In PLC And Relay Control Logic Systems

La Mesa, California: The Crakker(TM) from Logic Beach cures the headaches caused by control system intermittents and first outs in PLC and relay control logic systems.

Every control system will fail, has failed or requires adjustment and fine tuning. And when that time arrives and the system's built-in diagnostics don't identify the problem,
the Crakker is the "fire extinguisher" dreamt of by control system engineers and technicians.

The Crakker is a self-contained high-speed logic/timing analyzer designed to monitor up to 16 different channels, I/O points, with voltage inputs ranging from 5Vdc to 400Vdc or to 280Vac. The Crakker reliably monitors and records each voltage transition and stores the information to memory. This information is downloaded into the new Version 3.0 Crakker Communications program and analyzed.

Faster than built-in PLC analytical tools, transitions as fast as 165uS can be recorded and captured for review and manipulation on the Crakker Communications software. Designed to replace human "babysitting", the Crakker is proficient at getting to the source of intermittent I/O problems as well as identifying first outs on relay logic systems. Two independent programmable alarms functions can halt the process or sound an alarm to warn the operator when a fault occurs.

A product with no competition, the Crakker will find and locate control system problems with speed and accuracy. The unique Crakker(TM) from Logic Beach Inc. is the only tool control system technicians need to troubleshoot intermittent problems on any type of control system.

The new communication program provides the latest advance in simplifying the difficult, to impossible task of locating transients and first outs. The Crakker for Windows Version 3.0 includes a single window programming function with drop down input values speeding up instrument programming as well as expanded data analysis features. The program's new features expand upon data zoom control, moveable input channel position and color selection options for rapid identification of faults in real-time speeds.

In addition to troubleshooting control system problems, the Crakker has proven to be a useful tool for control system timing analysis. The ability to capture and print timing sequences in real-time speeds provides documentation of a system's performance. And, since the Crakker works without altering an operating system it can be an invaluable assistant in operations requiring control systems validation.

The latest communication software is available as an upgrade for current Crakker system users and will ship as standard product on all Crakkers. Complete 8 channel Crakker systems start at $1980.00 and are available from stock. Options include an
additional 8 channel isolated input pod and a carrying case.

Logic Beach Inc., the authority in unrestricted data logging systems, designs, manufactures and supplies portable data logging and recording systems. Specializing in ruggedized, programmable systems, Logic Beach Inc. offers a variety of modular data logger solutions for 4-48 I/O channels. The entire range of portable data logging products operate with HyperWare(TM) configuration software providing the industry's most
powerful programming capability with an intuitive graphical interface.

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