Control Laser Corporation Develops New 6-Axis Collaborative Robots Focus on Increased Safety, Flexibility and User-friendliness

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Control Laser Corporation’s collaborative robots now come with different payloads and a high repeatability to ±0.05mm. The robots are used for laser marking, welding, cutting, cleaning, engraving and automation integration applications. They have built-in toque and force feedback sensors for increased safety and their low weight of 23kg makes them more flexible for industry applications. Overall costs are reduced with their user-friendly teaching-mode, interactive interfaces and no maintenance required. With automatic grab, handle, transport and process work pieces, the robots can handle most loading and unloading needs and are a perfect solution for automation integration. They are able to carry laser marking, laser welding, laser cleaning and laser cutting head for complex part processing and can reach 1000mm (LxHxW) for large part processing. Optional self-navigation moving systems are available to adapt to complicated working environments.

Original Press Release:

Control Laser New Developed 6-Axis Light-Weight Collaborative Robots Bring the Industry to a Brand New Level

Control Laser Corporation started automation integration since 1980s and its new developed collaborative robots come with different pay loads with a high repeatability to ±0.05mm. The robots are the best solution in application of laser marking, welding, cutting, cleaning and engraving, as well as automation integration. The build-in toque and force feedback sensor make the safety as our first priority. Light-weight (23kg self-weight) and all-in-one modularity are more flexible in industry application. Teaching-mode and interactive interface are user-friendly. All series of robots are maintenance free, helping you reduce the using cost.

Robots are the one of the easiest and perfect solution in automation integration. Pay load of 3kg (6.6 lbs.), 5kg (11 lbs.) and 10 kg (22lbs) meets most of loading and unloading needs. Working with vision system mainly used in unmanned workshop of electronics and machining industry etc... It can automatic grab, handle, transport and process work pieces with machine visual system to achieve fully automatic production.

Robots are capable to carry with laser marking head, laser welding head, laser cleaning head and laser cutting head to satisfy complex part processing. Reaching of 1000mm (LxHxW) satisfy for large size part processing, such as painting process.

Optional with self-navigation moving system, which supports tape/laser SLAM trackless hybrid navigation to adapt to complicated working environment. 

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